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28 Weeks Pregnant

28th week of pregnancy

28 Weeks Pregnant Photo Starting from 28 weeks the baby is ready to be born into the world.How much it months?You are now six and a half months.The kid has opened his eyes, and in many they are blue.The final color of eyes set some time after birth.A child in the 28th week of pregnancy in full swing is interested in the life of his stomach, he listens to the sounds, speech, parents, music.And studies show - the kids are starting to learn their mother tongue even in my mother's belly.Therefore understandable why the children cry so closely resembles my mother's voice.In the cerebral cortex of the Child has formed and developed meanders.Weight cord baby continues to grow.A hair on the head of the fetus become longer.

size of the fetus from crown to rump portion reaches 25 cm. The weight of the baby at 28 weeks of pregnancy about 1100 grams.Rapidly developing alveoli in the lungs after a certain time there will be 50 million.The child continued accumulation of body fat, and the baby is still ins

ide the uterus can be either head forward or legs.Wiggling baby at 28 weeks of pregnancy are active.The child has enough space and time to the correct position and get ready to leave.A baby born at 28 weeks of pregnancy, has every chance of a prosperous life in this world with all legal rights.But still better delivery on the 40th week of pregnancy.Then the baby is fully formed and developed, and the mother will be calmer for the child.With 28 weeks woman speeds up visits to the gynecologist.There is a required submission of analyzes and tests.These include a test for identifying the level of iron in the sample glucose tolerance.If you find negative Rh factor, it will be necessary to test for antibodies.

28 weeks of pregnancy is useful to familiarize yourself with information such moments as pain relief during labor and episiotomy and induction of labor.With this you have to face during the birth and that you were ready for it.In order to strengthen the skeletal system and the kid yourselves continue to use calcium.It is noticed that the mothers were thus able to save and their teeth, eating every day foods rich in calcium.

7 months mammary glands start the process of developing a thick substance - colostrum.Colostrum says that soon after the birth of crumbs will rush of milk.In general, production of colostrum - is an individual process that can occur later.After the birth of the chest will be allocated colostrum to 5 mg.This is the amount which is necessary to the kid first.

At 28 weeks' gestation length of the cord up to 100 cm. The kid is able to distinguish the taste of food.And increasing the amount of subcutaneous fat child, so children's skin gradually leveled.The beating heart of the child really bugged stethoscope.And if you send a bright light into the abdomen, the pipsqueak closed his eyes and turn away from a bright source of irritation.The child continues to respond to sounds and can be fixed, as a toddler rages at loud sounds, and as a sedative, he heard the voice of mom and dad.Woman's uterus continues to grow, and during this period it rose by 8 cm above the navel and the pubic symphysis by 28 cm. During the entire pregnancy, you could gain weight from 7 to 11 kg.Do not worry due to excess weight gain after birth your weight rebound in compliance diet.

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