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27 Weeks Pregnant

27th week of pregnancy

27 Weeks Pregnant Photo 27 weeks of pregnancy - how much it months?The woman is 7 months pregnant, and the child has reached the third trimester of fetal life.In all the crumbs are functioning organ systems.The brain has achieved rapid growth over the past three months.Skin baby look very wrinkled.This is due to stay in water baby, but will change dramatically before delivery.The kid is 27 weeks pregnant blinks at regular intervals.The baby's face is already formed, but there is still plump cheeks.They will certainly appear, but closer to the very birth.

size of the fetus at 27 weeks' gestation from crown to rump of the ranges of 24 cm. The weight of a small up to 1000 grams.

Since the 27 weeks, the baby may exist independently, and the chances of survival after preterm birth within 85%.Yet for the successful efforts are needed nursing baby.Kid immediately gets into the box, where premature babies nursed and be connected to a respirator.

What happens to a woman 27 weeks pregnant?At the woma

n raises cholesterol.But this should not be a cause for concern.Cholesterol for the placenta is an important building material.Placenta using cholesterol produces different kinds of hormones.These include progesterone, which is involved in the development of the mammary glands, as well as relieve the tension in the uterus.Starting from 27 weeks of pregnancy, the woman is gaining weight steadily.Suppose that you are not afraid.A significant part of the weight, women make up the amniotic fluid as well as a sharp increase in blood volume.A gain in weight speaks about healthy changes in the body of a pregnant woman.The average pregnant woman gains for the entire period from 10 to 13 kg.A parallel has increased every pregnant breasts.Ordinary women breast mass up to 200 grams, and in pregnant women increases the mass of the breast up to 800 grams.It began a difficult period for women and it happens that the woman may dizzy, and occur as a result of the fall.Try not to walk alone, and if it happens, do not rush, do not be nervous.If so happened that you dropped, please make sure your state of health and if necessary consult a doctor.For you and your child can be dangerous placental abruption.

from 27 weeks of pregnancy, women are advised to take courses in preparation for childbirth.These courses have a good opportunity to communicate with the same pregnant women to ask questions to experts, learn how to care for a newborn, to get rid of fear of childbirth.Very effective are attending classes on yoga, where future moms will learn to breathe properly at the time of delivery, prepare for motherhood;teach how to control his emotions and mood swings like to hear your body with good benefits for herself and the child, how to prevent the approaching stress, and chronic stress during pregnancy.

Sex at 27 weeks of pregnancy can be a lot of pleasant moments parents and child.But if you have a suspicious discharge, pain, it is better to abstain, and to seek help from a doctor, who will explain the situation.

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