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26 Weeks Pregnant

26th week of pregnancy

26 Weeks Pregnant Photo 26 weeks of pregnancy, your child begins to slowly lifts the eye.How much it months?It is 7 months pregnant.On this term almost formed eyes, and all the shell eyeball such as will after birth.And if the baby's eyes are green, they are green now.The child formed taste buds and a child from that period show love for sweets.In the US very clearly seen that the bitter food, baby responds pout.A child of 26 weeks of pregnancy continues to gain weight and store fat, and yet he was very thin.But by the time of birth the situation will change and it will be a stalwart good weight.The skin of the fetus at 26 weeks of pregnancy and all red and wrinkled.The child decorated eyelashes, eyebrows and nails.Your child hears fine, distinguishes sounds and reacts to them quickly.A child of 26 weeks of pregnancy, and hear the heartbeat of mom and her intestines rumbling, any sounds from the outside world makes him wince.Often listen to soft music, and your baby will be happy, sing him son

gs.Hearing the child began to develop in full swing.And the structure of the inner ear ends formed only in the second trimester.

size of the fetus at 26 weeks to 23 cm and weighs 850 grams up crumbs.The size and weight of the fruit looks like an average watermelon.

Sensations women 26 weeks of pregnancy may be contradictory.From headaches to cramps in the legs, can be confusing pain in the back and the pelvis, constipation, pigmentation, itching of the skin of the abdomen, heartburn, and may be all fine and good mood.However, note that all pregnant women, as it pushes the child to become a strong and clearly give pain under the ribs.The pain of such a plan can be removed if you lie on your side.In this case, well help special mattresses for pregnant women.Waking the child reaches up to 4 hours a day, and have the rest of the baby is sleeping.Continues to develop 20 milk tooth germs, and have them appear under the 20 permanent teeth.Starting from 26 weeks of pregnancy, the beginnings of dental kosteneyut.And the beginnings of the next 12 teeth will gradually appear after birth.At 7 months pregnant with the baby strengthens skeletal system, clearly distinguished nose, elongated neck, ears grow.The rate for the child's heart is in the range of 120 to 160 beats per minute.The very blood of the baby will be circulated through the circles of large and small at birth.And in this case it operates placental blood flow and blood to the baby by the umbilical vein.Light baby become formalized form and take place between the heart, diaphragm and liver.At the endings themselves complete the formation of the bronchi lung alveoli.A child's body starts preparing for the release of.

future moms have poured chest.The uterus is located 6 cm from the navel and the pubic symphysis in place at 26 cm. Each week the uterus rises even higher by 1 cm. Perturbations crumbs at 26 weeks' gestation are transformed into powerful aftershocks.Seeing this perturbation causes the emotion in relatives.Pamper your baby frequent and gentle touches to the stomach.

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