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25th week of pregnancy

25 Weeks Pregnant Photo 25 weeks of pregnancy - how much it months?You have started the seventh month of pregnancy, which took in the beginning of an intensive strengthening of bones and joints.And in a few weeks the heart of the baby very well tapped.Doctors it is good to hear a stethoscope or a special tube.But you can hear the heartbeat and no medical devices.If the future Pope put his ear to my mother's belly, then the absolute silence you can clearly hear the baby's heartbeat.Sex of the fetus is already finalized, so expectant parents have something to think about, namely, how to name the child.7 month boy's testicles descend into the scrotum, and vagina girls completes registration.

size of the fetus at 25 weeks' gestation from crown to sacrum part is up to 22 cm, and the weight of the baby is growing rapidly and has reached 700 grams.Fingers infant acquire skill and perfectly compressed into fists.And some hand the child has a preference.It is now determined who will be your child - a

right-hander or left-hander.On the fingers themselves fingerprint pattern emerges.At 25 weeks of pregnancy are very vigorous stirring of character.And the fact that he is awake, the baby kicking and notify jerks.His agility is striking, because the baby can grasp his own leg.Baby move at 25 weeks of pregnancy are not calm nature and not tender.The child developed an individual sleep and wakefulness.

Women's uterus grown to the size of a large ball.This inconvenience, puts pressure on the diaphragm, as well as subcostal area, very significantly shifts the stomach.And as a consequence of gastric juice occasionally rises up into the esophagus and cause heartburn.Significantly significantly this phenomenon after a heavy meal.Therefore, for the prevention of heartburn and other problems associated with digestion, try not to overeat.Powered by 25 weeks of pregnancy is intense nature of vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, vegetable and animal fats.But do not forget about the small portions of favorite dishes and food frequency, limiting themselves in the liquid and salt in order to prevent swelling.Do not overdo high-calorie foods: chocolate, citrus, fish eggs, coffee.These foods can trigger the appearance of a child in the future diathesis, food allergies to everything: milk, tomato, sugar, cereals, citrus fruits, chocolate.

And in general the woman 7 months mood and health is maintained good.But if a woman is 25 weeks pregnant stomach ache, there were bloody or watery discharge, do not hesitate and contact a doctor.You are hospitalized, appoint necessary treatment after the test, create a relaxed atmosphere where you will forget about their worldly problems and devote themselves to their pregnancy.Do not be afraid of the hospital.Staying at home, you will only aggravate the situation.Be enough for domestic affairs, and not to rest up on the couch, shopping, and not to gain strength by eating already borne fruit and favorite delicacies.Think about yourself and your pets cope without great.Even open at culinary skills and learn how to be independent.Think about it.

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