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24 Weeks Pregnant

24 weeks of pregnancy

24 Weeks Pregnant Photo 24 weeks of pregnancy - how many months?It ends the sixth month of pregnancy.The belly at 24 weeks of pregnancy is made in a more rounded, and under the clothes he was no longer hide.The fruit becomes larger and the stirring at 24 weeks of pregnancy are less mobile character, because pipsqueak occupies the entire uterus and it becomes crowded.The child becomes problematic tumble and roll over in the amniotic fluid, but the favorite activity grab the umbilical cord and the handles feel everything around there.The child is increasingly listening to all the sounds and emotions of the mother.If the mother is frightened, the child will feel it all. Research suggests that a fetus at 24 weeks of pregnancy may be in an alarming state of arousal several hours while skillfully alternate between restlessness with anxiety fading.The child is also at week 24 stores under the skin of brown adipose tissue.This brown fat has a high energy value, because at the time of combustion produced

very large amounts of heat.A newborn themselves terribly bad hold the desired body temperature and as a result are hypersensitive to hypothermia.This can lead to various diseases.Therefore it is very important for fetal accumulation of brown fat.

size of the fetus at 24 weeks' gestation from crown to rump part is 21 cm, and the weight of the fetus is close to 530 grams.

With 24 weeks of intensive development of the respiratory system of the fetus.At the ends of the capillaries themselves appeared terminal sacs, which are separated by a thin film of the alveoli.Up to 24 weeks of oxygen from the lungs well, not how to not get into the very bloodstream.And now it became real to produce surfactant substances.The amount of this substance is rapidly increasing.Its function is to form a film on the walls of the capillary pouches themselves.This contributes to the fact that they are joined under the effect of breathing.In the sixth month, a child can begin to exist independently.This is a very important stage in its development.

At week 24, the fourth woman significantly adds weight, and her new sensations are not encouraging.There are headaches, sore lower back, heaviness, general fatigue, abdominal pain (pulls down), bladder problems.Some women no longer sleep well at night.Do not hesitate to talk about it and gynecologist.And they themselves Pick comfortable shoes, a medium-sized pillow, refresh old clothes to a more free and use every moment to sit, lie down and rest the legs, back and head.Remember that the feet of the perfect vacation above heart level.If you suffers from nausea at 24 weeks of pregnancy, then reconsider your diet.Avoid fried and too fat.Include in the diet water "Borjomi", as well as drugs that accelerate digestion "Mezim" Use sorbent - activated charcoal.If this does not help, consult a gynecologist and a therapist.Possible cause lies elsewhere.Good luck and do not lose optimism!You are obliged to deal with all their problems, because the reward is not long to wait - you will become a mother!

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