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23 Weeks Pregnant

23 weeks of pregnancy

23 Weeks Pregnant Photo at 23 weeks of pregnancy the baby continues to rapidly increase fat.How much it months?You went to the sixth month of pregnancy.But the child is still red, wrinkled and beautiful.This is due to the fact that the skin develops earlier than fat and sagging skin has therefore appearance.And she redness appears, as a consequence of the accumulation of pigments in the skin that make it opaque.Small fruit at 23 weeks' gestation aktivnichaet abdominal mom, but it is very soft and little noticeable for women.At endoscopy the fetus can be seen as a baby in the womb loves grab handles on the cord and push the water jacket.At 23 weeks' gestation, the baby ingests small amounts liquid, which then leaves the body in urine.Ingestion of liquid baby causes hiccups, which can be felt on the weak shocks.At week 23, the baby is fully formed nails, and hair begins to darken.In the gut of the child comes first cal.The size of the fetus at 23 weeks of gestation increases and the length become

s 20 cm. The baby is the size of a large eggplant, and the weight is 450 grams.

With 23 weeks the woman begin to appear on the Braxton Hicks contractions.They are characterized by pain spasms in the form of light in the uterus, which function to prepare for future delivery.If you put your hand on your stomach, you may feel the new muscle contraction.Do not worry.This queen tries his hand.In the future, these contractions are more frequent.Your task is not to be confused by Braxton Hicks contractions from the true birth pangs.All the sensations of the woman 23 weeks pregnant belly and focused on the child.For future moms is all new.A woman may be concerned about a brief moment of pain in the awkward position of the body and during sudden movements.Abdominal pain by 23 weeks of pregnancy is not strong, drawing, sometimes abrupt.Unpleasant sensations are located on either side of the uterus and are caused by the tension of her ligaments.If you change the position of the body, the pain will go away and the uterus is soft and relaxed.Some pregnant women have these pains in the region of the symphysis.In connection with this change gait future moms, you may receive a feeling of heaviness in the legs.Growth of the baby also adds inconvenience mom.Woman belly 23 weeks of pregnancy rises.The height of the uterine fundus above the vagina is in the range of 25 cm. Old fashion woman becomes close, because due to weight gain stop is lengthened, resulting in flat feet.In this case, to the aid of special insoles and comfortable shoes, preferably one size larger.In the sixth month of pregnancy, many for the first time acquainted with new unpleasant problems.It varicose disease, hemorrhoids , constipation , loss of nodes, bleeding, pain in the rectum.For all urgent problems seek help from qualified doctors and specialists, and do not self-medicate.

Sex 23 week limited.Poses are selective and careful not prevent the two lovers.Are you also look great, but the skin requires careful attitude.Avoid the sun during the summer and pregnancy will not bring you problems.

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