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21 weeks of pregnancy

21 weeks of pregnancy

21 weeks of pregnancy photos Baby 21 weeks of pregnancy continues to grow rapidly, and his nervous system has reached such a level that the baby is able to swallow amniotic fluid.Safely swallowed portion of the liquid is absorbed and the material in the form of fallen away skin cells enters into the rectum.Before the birth of litter cells will be in the rectum, and only then will be displayed the first cut of the intestine.The baby's blood already contains quite a lot of red blood cells.This week in full swing produced by white blood cells that are responsible for the elimination of infections.On the tongue the child's taste buds are formed.With regard to the digestive tract, it is able to separate water and sugar from the amniotic fluid, and then pass the fibrous part of the rectum.Eyes baby still hidden for centuries.A child alone at 21 weeks of pregnancy continues to move as it wishes (upside down or parallel to the floor).The kid from the movement gets enormous pleasure, and this is especially n

oticeable at night, Mommy.If perturbations, tremors, tumbling by 21 weeks of pregnancy cause trouble, then pat your stomach, talk with your child, sing a song.From mother to touch her stomach child calms down.The size of the fetus at 21 weeks 'gestation from crown to rump part is 18 cm. The baby the size of a large banana, and the weight of the fetus at 21 weeks' gestation from 300 grams.

And the woman from this week until the thirtieth will gradually and steadily gain weight.The child will continue to store fat, and weight gain would be 50% of the gain.Now, to explain that the woman begins to feel the sharp increase in appetite.Studies are such that from 21 weeks starts increasing metabolism and by moms need an additional 500 calories.Your appetite may be surprised by an unexpected desire for food.The bottom of the uterus continues to rise significantly, and the top edge of the uterus itself becomes higher somewhere in the 1.25 cm above the navel.We moms can appear shortness of breath, difficulty sleeping because of the visits to the toilet at night, heartburn.

emotional state of the woman gradually stabilized and she was less irritable, more stable mood, energy is sufficient for the activity.You like to itself, but may be uncomfortable at 21 weeks of pregnancy: it's a pain in the back, on the sides, swelling of the legs.In future mothers beautiful hair, clear skin, nalivshayasya chest.Weight gain has stepped over 4 kg.For full sleep we recommend a relaxing bath, a walk before going to bed, as well as a glass of warm tea.But remember that hot tubs you can not take!

sex of the baby at 21 weeks of free diagnosed by ultrasound.Do not be surprised if the height and weight of the child will be more or less than specified in the articles.All these individual basis and depends on the build parents.

Belly pregnant at 21 weeks is not recommended to squeeze tight clothing may need to have to buy a bandage.These special braces to help support prenatal unpleasant sensations.

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