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20 Weeks Pregnant

20th week of pregnancy

20 Weeks Pregnant Photo 20 weeks of pregnancy - how many months?Half way passed!We congratulate you on this!You have reached the half term of her pregnancy.This four and a half months.20 weeks of pregnancy is characterized by a sharp rise in the baby.The child gradually thickens the skin, it becomes a four.The sebaceous glands produce a waxy secretion of the child, namely the vernix.It's a secretion of white-cream color, which covers the folds of the baby, as well as some areas of the body.Role of lubricant to protect the baby's skin, which floats in the amniotic fluid .This lubricant is retained on the skin lanugo fuzz.Often, this grease is maintained throughout pregnancy and after the birth of her newborn baby wipe.Perturbation crumbs at 20 weeks of pregnancy are progressive in nature.The tiny tot with a small hair on the head and small nails to the limbs loves yawning, tumbling, finger sucking, playing with the umbilical cord.The sound tube and the electronic monitor is possible to listen to

the child's heart.Heart rate is up to 150 per minute.

size of the fetus at 20 weeks' gestation from crown to sacrum of the up to 16 cm. The child is currently the size of a small melon.Weight 260 gram baby.At 20 weeks' gestation, the uterus rises above.Tummy begins to come forward.A uterus can put pressure on your stomach so that the stomach is able to bulge forward, as the buttons of, or be flattened.Tummy stretch marks appear in the form of strips of red-brown color.Stretch marks can grow along with pregnancy.You may experience difficulty breathing due to the rise of the diaphragm up and it is pressed.It happens to the moment when a child falls into the very pelvic cavity.And at the first pregnancy that happens two weeks before the baby is born, and with repeated pregnancies to ourselves childbirth.

have a baby at 20 weeks is formed original cal - meconium.Baby eyes closed, but the fruit itself remarkably focused in the uterus.If mom is waiting for the twins, the baby can hold on to the handle and find each other.Women waiting for the firstborn, feel frequent fetal movements at 20 weeks of gestation, who talk about the spontaneous activity of the muscles of the child.Perturbations usually occur up to 8 times per hour.A perturbation increasing impoverishment of the blood at the time of his mother.In the process of increasing fetal movement - quickens cardiac function and increased blood pressure and increased blood flow in the body, leading to an increase in oxygen and, of course, nutrients.The very physical activity has a positive effect on the baby's development of muscle and brain.

Because of the pressure exerted by the uterus on the stomach, mommy can appear heartburn, which is delayed up to several hours.To facilitate the condition in pregnant, cause heartburn, you can drink water to reduce acidity (soda) and to adhere to special diets.This condition is characterized by chest discomfort (like burning sensation).It occurs due to ingress of gastric contents (mainly acidic) into the esophagus.Heartburn itself can accompany all pregnancy .The main causes of heartburn are considered to increase intra-abdominal pressure, as well as the change itself hormonal female organism.

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