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19 Weeks Pregnant

19th week of pregnancy

19 Weeks Pregnant Photo child at 19 weeks of pregnancy continues to develop.How much it months?The woman continues to go the fifth month of pregnancy, and the crumbs are full growth of the brain.And the fact that the baby is disproportionately large head - a sign of how important the role of the brain during this period.Neurons as well as the nerve cells responsible for the connection of the brain and muscles, have already taken their allotted space.And so the kid movement become more certain.By themselves the rudiments of milk teeth already looming rudiments of permanent teeth.The child has become proportional to the size of the limb.His foot is not more than 2.5 cm and its relative proportion of the tibia and femur will now become permanent.

size of the fetus at 19 weeks of pregnancy up to 15 cm. Your child resembles a young zucchini, and its weight by 19 weeks of gestation from 200 grams.With this week's fetal growth slows and goes a step of forming fat.It is important and necessary source

of heat for the child (at the base of the neck, around the kidneys, behind the rib cage).Light baby develops and increases the flow of blood itself, as well as growing bronchioles.This week, the eyes are closed, but the child is in full distinguish light from darkness.If you send a stream of strong light on the stomach, which gets into the uterus, the pipsqueak turn toward the light.A child in the 19th week of pregnancy can keep your head straight and turning it in different directions, and the neck is able to turn 180 degrees.Placenta is displaced in depth of the uterus and thus moves away from the cervix.

beginning for women the most tremulous stage of pregnancy.It is now 19 weeks pregnant clearly audible wiggling toddler.The woman continues to gain weight.Expanding her thighs, abdomen increases, which draws on the 19 week of pregnancy and inconvenience during sleep and gait.If you are tortured back pain and abdominal 19 weeks of pregnancy, be sure to change to a more comfortable shoes without heels and platforms.Perhaps you are concerned hypotension.Your pressure is reduced due to the growing uterus, which puts pressure on the veins and the aorta.Especially the pressure may be reduced when a woman lies on her back.Therefore, change postures and mostly sleep on your side, do not rise sharply because of dizziness.Quiescent femoral-sacral joints relax for a successful future in the passage of the child through the birth canal.These physiological changes provoke back pain.To facilitate the state recommended exercise: the shoulders retracted and the neck to bend forward.Additional kilos during pregnancy is a burden on the weak spine and back pain can be constant.Try not to abuse chocolate and sweets to the weight of the rapidly growing not, as well as limit the long distance and wrong seat.Learn to relax and sit on a chair, preference was given to a chair with a back, do not put your foot on the leg, and then you will avoid embarrassment circulation and extra load on the spine.

Sex at 19 weeks of pregnancy is not prohibited, unless limited by the gynecologist and you do not have a stomach ache, no bloody discharge, no pulling and aching pain.If all these symptoms arise, it is better to abstain from sex and seek medical advice.During visits to the gynecologist, ask about school motherhood.Ignore classes do not recommend.Knowledge is never superfluous.There you qualified answer to all urgent questions, learn to care for the unborn babies, moral support before birth, will be taught breathing exercises.

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