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18 Weeks Pregnant

18th week of pregnancy

18 Weeks Pregnant Photo pregnancy at 18 weeks surprises with the rapid changes in the development of the fetus.18 weeks of pregnancy - how many months you?I went fifth month.The kid is growing so rapidly and it shows on your stomach.The child continues to strengthen its bones and facial features become clearer.Finished form phalanges.On hands and feet have a unique pattern, which is responsible for fingerprints.Your baby gradually perceives the outside world and starts talking about himself in the stomach pushing leg.The child hears his mother, because his ear bones have matured, and the area of ​​the brain responsible for making auditory signals hard at work.Kid does not scare noise blood flow through the umbilical cord, as well as a knock mother's heart.Yet loud sounds of his guard.Therefore, giving him a pleasant sounds, such as songs.The size of the fetus from crown to rump portion of not more than 14 cm. Your child has a large grapefruit size, and weight at 18 weeks of pregnancy up to 150

grams.Slowly it becomes sensual and retina.The fetus at 18 weeks of pregnancy feel the difference between bright light and darkness.The child is very active, agile and often changes its position.Scarce can cross their legs and sit back and do a somersault.Brain kid improved.And the feeling of mothers at 18 weeks of pregnancy are improved, thanks to the stabilization of hormonal levels.

At week 18 future mom sleep and rest inconvenience due to the fact that a stomach ache and a renewed stirring of crumbs alone.It's hard to sleep on my stomach and on the back uncomfortable.The uterus is growing and needs more space in the stomach.Try to find a comfortable position to rest and sleep;puts a pillow under your legs and chest.

get oxygen from the mom, the baby's blood with the parent do not mix.This blood through the umbilical cord goes straight to the placenta and it is saturated with oxygen from the mother's blood, and then later the baby's blood comes back.Due to the increased activity of the child, there is increased activity of his heart.Blood baby enriched oxygen enters from the right atrium to the left.Since the baby's lungs are not working, then their blood bypasses.And when the baby is born, the blood will go from the right ventricle to the lungs, and then later in the left atrium itself.Then, with the left atrium the blood of the baby will go to the left ventricle and then to all the other organs.

Since the child lives in an aqueous medium, the light was not functioning.The child himself ingests a little amniotic fluid, and part comes back, and only a small portion is filtered by the kidneys, and then comes out as urine.The amniotic fluid that gets into the digestive tract, positively develops the digestive system of the baby.At 18 weeks' gestation, finally formed the external and internal sex organs.If you are waiting for the girl, she formed the fallopian tubes and the uterus.And the boys formed before the end of the correct position and chose genitals.It's time to think about the name for the baby.This is the most pleasant experience for future moms.For doing this they spend hours.It is not so simple, and very seriously - choose the name of your child for a lifetime!

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