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17th week of pregnancy

17 Weeks Pregnant Photo Pregnancy 17 week continues to make future moms and give new sensations.Waking up in the morning, Mom listens to your baby move.How is it nice to feel life inside!A baby in the meantime is rapidly growing and developing.The placenta is also growing in size.Its weight is 500 grams.Filled with the placenta blood vessels through which nutrients go to the kid grows.At the 17th week, is the deposition of brown fat baby, it is necessary for the child's body heat.Up to 17 weeks the baby was not even fat. size of the fetus at 17 weeks in the womb up to 12 cm, and weighs up to 100 grams.The kid starts to react to loud noises, and these changes in his behavior can be observed during the use of the ultrasound scanner.He frowns, grimaces or smiles in front and freezes during the pleasant music.From 17 weeks of pregnancy the baby develop aesthetically.Listen to music with diversified, stroking it.What mom like, and like the kid.Talk with your child attached to the communication and t

he pope.The voice of the Pope certainly will remember the child and when born, will immediately respond to the voice of relatives (mothers and fathers).

At 17 weeks the uterus mom is 5 cm below the level of the navel.The bottom of the uterus is in the symphysis pubis and the navel.Heart mother is twice as active.All this for the growing fetus.Increased blood flow increases the burden on the mother small blood vessels.It is in the capillaries and sinuses, gums.Perhaps sweating and vaginal secretions.These secretions by 17 weeks of pregnancy are not pathology, and hygiene needs correction.Worries about health should not be.Walking, breathing exercises, yoga.The main thing - time to relax and do not overwork.And if you decide to pregnancy immediately after the miscarriage, then be careful.One of the causes of spontaneous abortion can serve as a condition of the cervix as istmikotservikalnaya failure.And if not so long ago visited the gynecological clinic, you should not trust the cervix.The cervix is ​​composed of fibrous connective tissue.Tight muscles of the neck up to 15% by weight.At the height of the amount of muscle tissue reaches up to 30%.She is concentrated and serves as a sphincter - padlock.To break this lock cause damage to the musculoskeletal system, as well as hormonal disorders.The most common causes include curettage and cervical tears during childbirth.This leads to the fact that the cervix arises scar tissue.And she can not perform the role of the sphincter.The door of the uterus turns out that open and during pregnancy increase fetal bladder itself falls into the cervical canal, and its shell prone to infections, leading to miscarriage.If you have any nagging pains in the lower abdomen at 17 weeks, an urgent need to see a doctor or call an ambulance.When postponing this moment - at risk of losing a child.Be carefull!

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