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15 Weeks Pregnant

15th week of pregnancy

15 Weeks Pregnant Photo at 15 weeks of pregnancy the baby beginning to show through the blood vessels.Heart baby passes through itself within about 23 liters of blood per day.Leather baby is still very thin, and is close to the color red.One can see clearly the child's brow, the hair on the head and body.If the child is dark-haired, the follicles will produce a special pigment.Pens baby vengeance bent at the elbows and wrists;intensive child squeezes tiny fists.At 15 weeks pregnant the gallbladder crumbs alone secretes bile, which then enters the intestine.Bile in the future will give black-green color of the first selected intestinal kid who appear only after birth.Continues in full swing bone formation of the child and of course the bone marrow.The size of the baby at 15 weeks' gestation from crown to sacrum part reaches a maximum of 103 mm.The baby is the size of a mango, and weighs 50 grams.On palpation the abdomen is felt that the bottom of the uterus is at 7 cm below the navel.

development of the fetus at 15 weeks of pregnancy is gaining momentum intense.Kid intermittently empty the bladder.His urine enters the amniotic fluid.But the child's urine is not a component of the amniotic fluid.The amniotic fluid is constantly updated for 10 times a day.This is necessary to maintain the sterility of the chemical composition of the amniotic fluid.Great value for the kid membranes and amniotic fluid.This is primarily the protection and mechanical damage, and to ensure the free movement, as well as substantial assistance in the development of the baby lung, digestive system and kidneys.Interestingly, the amniotic fluid for your baby - the first and favorite habitat.And thanks to the popularity of the idea began delivery in the water swimming and training newborn

Yoga for pregnant

would like to note the positive results of yoga for pregnant women.When the future mom to consciously manage their condition, it is only a plus for the child.Yoga for pregnant women is a smooth transition from the intuitive contact with the child for responsible.Doing yoga, achieved self-reliance, to maintain harmonious life-affirming state.You start to love yourself, accept yourself more easily to changes, tolerant carry crises.Yoga is especially important for those who are waiting for the firstborn.The literal translation of the values ​​of yoga - connection.A main goal of yoga for pregnant women - to prepare the body for pregnancy itself, the desire to feel the child's needs adequately endure the physiological and emotional crises.Yoga helps you to replenish forces are necessary during this period.Prepare properly for childbirth will hatha - yoga.And then childbirth will be easy, and the main course.Yoga postures will help strengthen the pelvic muscles and back.Hatha - Yoga includes dynamic exercises and static postures, very useful for the baby breathing exercises with meditation.And for the harmonization of relations in the couple would like to advise tantra - yoga.

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