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14 Weeks Pregnant

14th week of pregnancy

14 Weeks Pregnant Photo At 14 weeks pregnant mommy stomach continues to evolve and improve the baby (especially his face).Silhouetted bridge of his nose, ears and cheeks.Eyes kid is not so wide apart, but they continue to be more tightened for centuries.At 14 weeks of pregnancy becomes noticeable lanugo - this is the first embryonic down.Lanugo has a protective function for the child.Namely delaying substance - the secret that distinguishes the child's body.But only later in the mother grow coarser hairs - down.But apart from the baby lanugo fuzz planned growth of eyebrows.Even at the head of the baby comes first hint of fuzz hair.Continue under way to develop and internal organs of the child.

size of the fetus from crown to rump of the up to 113 mm.The child has a size in the bulb, and the weight to 25 grams.

Produces thyroid hormone on their own children.The boy emerges prostate and ovaries in girls dropped out of the abdominal cavity in the hip part.Genitals baby can be determined by both

male and female, but still they are in the US is still very little discernible.Kid underway produces urine and it enters the amniotic fluid.The child might and main to tumble in the abdomen mom, but it is not felt.

14 week of pregnancy for mom opens the second trimester of pregnancy.The state of health is getting better slowly, there is energy.And this is despite the growth of the uterus.Belly 14 weeks pregnant and now climbs the bottom of the uterus near the navel.Only now is his awareness of pregnant women.Toxicosis retreats.At 14 weeks pregnant mothers approximating sensations arise and this is the most pleasant experience for future moms.

establish and female sexual desire.In the first trimester of future parents knowingly restrict sex, fear of harm to the child.That is now the most favorable time for sex at 14 weeks.Woman's sexual desire can certainly fade away, maybe on the contrary, increase.It all depends on the fluctuations of hormones.Basically, the sexual behavior of women is determined by the initial sexual needs and characteristics of sexual activity with a partner.And if you believe the national signs that say that if it's a boy - sexuality in women increases, and if the girl is falling.All it related to hormones.In the second trimester of pregnancy leave fears, tears and anxiety.A man finally becomes accustomed to the role of the father and the middle of pregnancy becomes an extension of the honeymoon.He tummy mom is very attractive and sexy and a woman does not cause discomfort during sex.Doctors also give positive feedback about sex in the second trimester of pregnancy.Fruit already entrenched in the 14 weeks of gestation in the womb, there is no cause for worry, and new surges of hormones not soon will.Remarkably, when sexual desire is the same as spouses.But it is often a mismatch of desires.In this case, we wish wisdom, tact and patience spouses.

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