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13 Weeks Pregnant

13th week of pregnancy

13 Weeks Pregnant Photo at 13 weeks of pregnancy begins the most pleasant and enjoyable during pregnancy for the mother.A third way for a woman to have passed.Nausea morning goes, the risk of miscarriage is minimal.What baby?At 13 weeks' gestation, the baby emerged all dairy teeth.Eyelids fused child, and his eyes will be opened no earlier than four months.The kid still loves sucking her finger.During this period the baby is laying fabrics, from which in the future will form the bones of the baby.Continue to emerge nose and chin of the child.Soon the baby will start to rise breast as if breathing. Pancreas child begins to produce insulin on their own.The placenta takes over the role of oxygen supply to the baby, and is responsible for the outflow of processed products.Later this feature will perform the amniotic fluid.Child stomach membrane envelops cloudy - fetal membranes, which consists of the amnion and chorion.

size of the fetus at 13 weeks' gestation from crown to rump, and within 65 -78

mm.Child size no more peach.By weight to 20 grams.

Pregnancy at 13 weeks and then presents surprise woman, this time in the form of constipation.This is due to an impaired motility of the intestine due to hormonal changes.What happens to the intestine is 13 weeks pregnant?Barely digested food moves through the intestines.It arises from the growing uterus on the 13th week of pregnancy, which puts pressure on the intestines, causing abdominal pain, and leaving very little space in the abdomen, and also because of the low activity of women

treat constipation pregnant

your mood worsened, quality of life has changed, the dream has become a sensitive, concerned nagging feeling in your stomach?Review your diet!Eat foods rich in fiber, as well as a debilitating effect.This beets (boiled, shredded), prunes, dried apricots, bananas, apples, plums, wheat bran, yogurt, seaweed, raisin.And do not forget the first courses: soup, borscht, beetroot soup, cabbage soup.Exclude from the diet of polished rice, poppy, pear, plenty of cakes, coffee, pasta, biscuits, chocolates.Do not forget about the constant movement that will help to deal with your problem.Walk, breathe fresh air, enjoy simple exercise.Following these simple rules should help in treatment of constipation.But if this does not work, consult your doctor will recommend you to secure a soft drug Normolakt manufactured at Borschagovsky Chemical-Pharmaceutical Plant.It represented laxative syrup of 100 and 200 ml.The drug is widely used in obstetric practice.A single dose should not exceed 45 ml.The use of laxatives is recommended in the morning with breakfast or at the request separately.And remember the treatment of constipation pregnant sensitive issue that requires expert advice.Especially it should be taken into account women who before pregnancy and suffered from chronic constipation, hemorrhoids and related issues.The problem constipation and may be complicated in the later stages of pregnancy and delivered in connection with this much trouble.Namely, gradual increase inside the hemorrhoids can lead to their loss from the anus.

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