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12 weeks of pregnancy

12 weeks of pregnancy

12 Weeks Pregnant Photo At week 12 of pregnancy the fetus continues to gain intensive growth, accelerate the development of the infant brain.Brain child like an adult, but in a reduced form.All the organs of the baby have already been laid and only the finishing touches.The developing nervous system remains.The thyroid gland is able itself to synthesize iodine.Continue to develop the nails and fingers and toes.Fingers kid have a unique skin pattern.Nucleate first vellus hairs on the skin.Baby feet are sensual.The baby is well developed musculature, but the movements are involuntary and child on the ultrasound visible acrobatic elements baby. kid knows how to tumble, turn his head, frowning lips, open and close the jaws, swallow a liquid, open and close the eyes, finger sucking, peeing.The intestine is no longer go into the abdominal cavity.There are the first contraction of the intestine.The liver produces first child bile necessary for such edible fats in the future.

size of the fetus at 12 we

eks of pregnancy up to 61 mm, and the child is now larger eggs.Its weight of 13 grams.Amniotic fluid volume to 50 ml.If you are expecting a boy, the man began to develop in full.

At 12 weeks the placenta performs the main role in hormone production for the safe condition of the pregnant woman.Previously, this function is responsible for the yellow body, which was formed in the place where the egg is matured.The function of the corpus luteum is made and now it is fading.And your health is improved at week 12, and morning sickness is not so worried.But if Multiple pregnancy, it is likely that morning sickness is still causing trouble.The walls of the uterus of a woman stretched and become even thinner.At week 12, the uterus of the future mother herself is increased in width to 10 cm and it becomes very closely in the area of ​​the hip, so it rises into the abdominal cavity.Uterus well detectable.The bottom of the uterus takes the frontal bone, and the volume of the uterus before pregnancy, 10 ml, and by the 40th week of pregnancy becomes a volume of 5 to 10 liters.Self uterine weight 70 grams, and after delivery to 1100 c.The size of the fetus at 12 weeks, a doctor using ultrasound may be more likely to determine the delivery date of the future mother.Heart Mom starts to beat faster.This is in order to cope with the circulation of blood.At week 12, you can hear the baby's heartbeat with a special preparation of the Doppler.Sensations 12 weeks' gestation: a woman increases her hips and legs are heavy, but it is getting better urination.It becomes less.If no toxicity, the weight gain is in the range of three kilograms.A general weight gain for the entire pregnancy is 10-16 kg.It all depends on the constitution of women.The appearance of brown stripes on the body women should not cause anxiety.It's passing.But, if there is itching in the abdomen at 12 weeks, it speaks about the appearance of stretch marks.Use creams against stretch marks - Mamacomfort, Avent, Mustela.And remember that even the best cream will not help unless there is a system in its application.The cream must contain retinol.This cream does not penetrate deep into the skin and does not harm the child.

Another woman might disturb her excessive emotionality, irritability without reason, fear of the future and crying because of this.The slightest trouble the woman is removed from the balance.The reason for all the jump hormonal.Try not to take to heart what is happening around you, and take care of the family, especially her husband.He too is now uneasy.

If at week 12 occurred abdominal pain, the most important thing is do not start with an intestine problem, which is solved with the help of vegetables, dried fruits and fresh fruits.Do not forget about sour-milk production

At the end of the 12th week antenatal visit, if this is not done before, then it is time!

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