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11 Weeks Pregnant

11th week of pregnancy

11 Weeks Pregnant Photo at week 11 going on the rapid growth of the fetus.The number of blood vessels in the placenta is increased because of the growing appetite of the baby.The baby's head is also large and everything occupies a large part of the body.All this is due to the rapid development of the fetal brain, but also the internal organs of the baby is also developing intensively.Part of the intestine continues to fall in the umbilical cord.At the eleventh week, starts to operate the intestine, making the first cuts.At this stage there is nothing to digest the intestine.

size of the fetus at 11 weeks from crown to rump and is approximately 60 mm.Weighs child up to 8 m.For this week of pregnancy the child begins to grow rapidly.Toxicosis expectant mother slowly receding, and the appetite returns.At 11 weeks of gestation becomes clear with the genitals of a child.In this period is the completion of the formation of the sternum.Develop toes and hands.The eyes of the baby is very wide apart,

and his ears are very low.In comparison with the body of a child is very short legs.At 11 weeks of pregnancy is the development of a baby in the eyeballs iris.The kidneys begin to function, producing urine.Urine goes into the amniotic fluid, and waste products come directly through the placenta into the bloodstream.

at 11 weeks of pregnancy the expectant mother burns your calories faster than before pregnancy.Metabolism women increased by 25%.And increases blood volume in women.Pregnant feels internal heat and drink a lot of fluid and as a result - much sweat.Many women start to act slightly on the 11th week of pregnancy, the abdomen, may be the feeling of heaviness in the stomach, and problems with a chair.Mood, women are often in this period of instability.The appearance of uncertainty, tearfulness, irritability, anxiety - all this is the effect of hormones and the poor health of women.Help yourself!Diversify your diet vitamin complex, fruit and foods that have calcium, magnesium, phosphorus.Tablet formulation is better not to get involved, and prefer natural products.Beginning with the eleventh week - plenty of rest, especially Rest your feet - veins.Do not disdain a light massage with cooling gel.Watch for vaginal discharge, and when the first suspicions and doubts, consult a doctor.On the part of the spouse should also be understanding, kindness and sympathy to the woman.For a woman, it's not an easy period.Support it, hear, lost in her desires.Well, if depression pregnant delayed, it is necessary consulting with experts to help cope with the emotional instability.

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