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10 Weeks Pregnant

10 weeks of pregnancy

10 Weeks Pregnant Photo 10 weeks of pregnancy is the final stage of embryo development.Already incorporated all the parameters of the body to the growing organism, and in the coming months will be the completion of a new man.The critical stage is over!The child gets similar features of an ordinary child.Fingers are already divided, it has a taste bud language and early tooth germs.More tail disappeared, and the brain is developing baby to escape velocity.The heart of the child has already been formed, but with the external genitalia have not yet decided the child's body completely.But if it is still a boy, the testicles vengeance produce the male hormone testosterone.

At the end of 10 weeks of the child's body can be called a fetus.If mom feels well and everything is fine with the embryo, the fetus has abnormalities will not get any.The kid is growing rapidly, and soon moved starts sucking her finger.A child can open and close your mouth, lifting the handle to the head, swallow the liquid, com

press cams.Formed a baby fingers limbs - arms and legs, joints, elbows, ears, upper lip.Continues to form the aperture and the milk teeth are developing rapidly.Embryos to be very comfortable inside the membranes in the stomach mom.

A woman at 10 weeks of pregnancy there are such sensations, frequent mood swings, irritability with vulnerability, fatigue and nausea.All this is the effect of hormones.Yet these changes occur in the body as a gradual weight gain, there is a looseness gums, increased thyroid.If you have 10 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus has the age of 8 weeks.Do not forget that the period of gestation takes the count immediately on the first day of the last menstrual period, and not as from the moment of conception.Its clothes still fit you, but will gradually become closer.Below you will find a strip of belly dark, leading to the navel.Over time, it will disappear.If on the face will appear dark spots, do not worry - this is due to the production of melanin.Diet did not affect it, but on a special diet to reduce weight you sit down is not recommended.The menu includes cheese, yogurt, milk, fruit.Plenty walk, relax, do not worry about nothing.During 10 weeks of pregnancy may appear white discharge.It thrush - candidiasis.Do not worry.Tell your doctor, and together decide the issue.But before coming to the gynecologist excluded from the diet food prepared by leaps and bounds, it is very sweet and refined.

most difficult period has already passed and can now breathe a sigh of relief.The first three months are important because there is a bookmark and the formation of the body of the future baby.Now up to the birth will go active development of internal organs of the baby.And the size of the baby at 10 weeks' gestation from crown to rump is within 40 mm.Your child has the size of a small plum to 5 grams.At the end of the tenth week of the child's body can be called a fetus.The child's brain continues to develop well and it made every minute 250 thousand neurons.

for 10 weeks is characterized by the formation of lymphatic and immune system of the child and the development of liver.Thyroid baby begins to accumulate iodine, and the heart takes up to 150 beats per minute.Ends development of the intestine, bile ducts, rectum and mouth.

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