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9 weeks of pregnancy

9 weeks of pregnancy

9 weeks of pregnancy photos The little embryo at 9 weeks of gestation straightened back and tail gradually disappears.His head still had a large and tilted to the chest.Starts underway function of the placenta.It performs the function of managing the metabolism in the mother's body and the child's body through the placenta still being protected from the outside world.At this period, if the expectant mom takes the drug or drink a glass of wine, the placenta immediately react and perform a protective shield for the baby.On the child's toxic substances will not affect, and it is only thanks to the placenta, which nourishes and even improves blood flow to the child.The threat of termination of pregnancy in the ninth week reduced because the child is already safe.Slowly working kidney child, bringing harmful substances from the blood, and later the placenta lead them out of the body.9 weeks of pregnancy - this is the beginning of all bodies in full swing.Now mom should begin to limit their drinking, moni

tor the amount of salt eaten and take diuretics charges.It is necessary to adhere to the birth, in order to avoid problems with late toxicosis and edema caused by poor drainage cause toxins from the body of a pregnant.To avoid this - watch your weight, do not drink at night, when there are problems with your doctor.If you suffer from diabetes , it is also necessary to closely monitor their health.At this period may begin deteriorating.

A child grows up in terms of comfort given to him.A distinctive feature of this period is the increase in brain volume and the appearance of swallowing reflex in the fetus.The weight of the fetus at 9 weeks is 4 grams, and the size of 3 cm. It is still a baby, but how much he knows.Eyes are formed, but still closed.There muscles through which the embryo moves.But these movements can be detected only ultrasound.Continue to be made out of course, but the handle faster.In the process of thickening the epidermis the baby nails are formed.The body of the baby continues to grow and has already starting to emerge in full swing the first rudiments of the breast.From toddler brain sent signals about the expectant mother needs the baby and mother responds bizarre desires for food and drink.

very hard to bear a child, a woman requires self-control and endurance.It may worsen the state of health: increase fatigue and fever, and later will be cold, the participation of mood swings, nausea and dizziness skyrocket.Get plenty of rest and take care of yourself.If the duration of a 9 week hurts and pulls the stomach and lower back, do not hesitate to consult your gynecologist.The changes are very noticeable on the skin - it becomes smooth and clean, and the hair becomes drier, breast swelling may appear vaginal .Pick a comfortable cotton underwear.Avoid stress, nervous shocks, heavy loads, do not sit in one place for a long time, a lot of walking, keep your feet as much as possible in an elevated position when sitting, that was the outflow of blood.Drink of vitamins C and P (rutin) which reinforce the walls of your blood vessels, and will prevent them from over-extension.

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