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Treatment of gastritis and mandatory diet

Treatment of gastritis and mandatory diet

Gastritis - an irritation or inflammation of the gastric mucosa, which occurs under the influence of various chemicals (it's not just food, but also certain medications)mechanical damage and bacteria Helicobacter pylori.There are two main types of gastritis - with high and low acidity of gastric juice.Also gastritis is divided into acute and chronic


- The bacterium Helicobacter pylori, which can get into the stomach including from domestic cockroaches
- Taking certain medicines for quite a long time
- Malnutrition- excessive use of acute and pickled foods, eating foods with preservatives, rather long intervals between meals
- Diseases of the digestive system
- Alcohol abuse and smoking

Acute gastritis

reasons that could lead to the emergence and development of acute gastritis is verya lot of.The disease can be caused by metabolic disorders, various kidney and liver, alcohol abuse, systematic overeating, eating low-quality

products and taking certain medications.The essence of the disease is to ensure that damaged the inner membrane of the stomach, after which the damaged areas become inflamed.In some cases the inflammation can not be limited only to the mucosa.It is also able to affect the deeper tissues of the stomach, sometimes up to muscles.
symptoms of acute gastritis :
appears a sudden pain or heaviness in the stomach, belching occurs with the smell of rotten eggs or ingested food.In the language appears plaque, it may cause nausea or vomiting.And after 1-3 days even without treatment all the manifestations of acute gastritis are

Chronic gastritis

Chronic gastritis is considered to be quite a common disease, as revealed in one third of all cases of diseases of the digestive tract.Chronic gastritis, an inflammation of the inner (mucosa) of the stomach protracted.It develops when certain negative rather prolonged exposure on the human body.Chronic gastritis also may develop as a consequence of certain chronic diseases.
Chronic gastritis is divided into the following types:
- reactive chronic gastritis
- Chronic autoimmune gastritis (about 15-20% of all gastritis)
- Chronic H. pylori gastritis (about 70% of all gastritis)
- idiopathic chronic gastritis
most common type of chronic gastritisis Helicobacter pylori gastritis, which is caused by the bacteria Helicobacter pylori.This type of bacteria getting into the stomach may live in it a long enough period of time, damaging the mucosa.
With imptomy chronic gastritis :
significantly decreased appetite, an unpleasant aftertaste after eating, there is a frequent belching, nausea and even vomiting, appears constant heartburn and the pressure in the stomach after a meal


Treatmentgastritis must always begin with diet , with mandatory compliance with certain recommendations:
- Drinks and food should be at room temperature
- When receiving solid food necessarily thorough her chewing
- Number of meals should be at least five a day and be sure toIn small portions
if gastritis is caused by the bacterium Helicobacter pylori (Helicobacter pylori), it is necessary to adjust to quite a long treatment.This type of bacteria is quite difficult to cure, so treatment regimen necessarily includes some antibiotics and lasts about two weeks.When
acid regurgitation and heartburn is used in conjunction with Maalox Fosfalyugel.Dosage is calculated by the attending physician.
to improve gastric motility gastroenterologists recommend taking motilium, and for the healing of the mucous membrane of the drug solkoseril appointed.
also recommended taking alkaline mineral water of small and medium mineralization.They make sure in the form of heat (about 38 degrees) three times a day for an hour before a meal (pre-gas must be removed).The course of treatment is three weeks


for gastritis with low acidity
recommended diet of vegetables and Krupava soups, cooked in various low-fat broth.Eat only desirable lean fish or meat, fresh (in any case not sour) milk products, well cooked cereal, crackers, hard bread, fruits and vegetables (both raw and boiled), fruit and vegetable juices, eggs and sugar.Meals should be at least five times a day, but the food itself should be preferably in the form of puree.

for gastritis with high acidity
First of all it is not recommended to eat fried foods.You can eat yogurt, kefir, milk, cream, yogurt, cheese, fresh sour curd.Fish, meat and eggs are best consumed boiled or steamed.The greens and vegetables before eating should be well boiled and is in the form of puree.It should completely abandon the baking and pastry, and bread is recommended to have dry or replace it with crackers.Soups in this type of gastritis cooked on any low-fat broth (just not in any way out of blocks!).Small pasta and porridge to eat everything is permitted.

Alcohol, spices, freshly baked breads, muffins, all legumes, oily fish or meat, hard cheese, fried eggs and potatoes, thick noodles, cabbage, turnips, radishes, onions, canned food, grapes, fat sour cream, chocolate, bacon,fruit peel, candy, bacon and all the urgent need to completely eliminate from your diet.
As with gastritis with low acidity, meals should be at least five times a day in small portions.

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