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Dysbacteriosis treatment and symptoms

Dysbacteriosis treatment and symptoms

Dysbacteriosis - an imbalance of intestinal microflora, both in qualitative and quantitative ratio.This violation affects both children and adults.Arise can in the nasopharynx, vagina, intestines

causes of intestinal dysbiosis in adults

- In consequence of the use of antibiotics
- Improper diet - poisoning
- In the event of a failure of immunity
- One of the causes are intestinal infections

stages of the disease

- The first stage is characterized by a decrease in the number of bacteria in the intestines obligate
- The second stage is marked by a sharp decline in the number of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria.It noted the rapid growth of pathogenic bacteria, which leads to disruption of the intestine - diarrhea, abdominal pain, bloating and flatulence.
- For the third stage is characterized by amplification of the inflammatory process, chronic diarrhea with undigested food particles.
- The fourth stage is characterized by the general exhau

stion of the body.There is anemia, vitamin deficiency.At this stage of dysbiosis pathogenic bacteria and fungi displace obligate bacteria


Dysbacteriosis is quite non-specific symptoms:
- In some cases, there is halitosis
- There are abdominal pain, nausea, heartburn and belching
- Ariseallergic reaction to completely harmless products
- Appear bloating and diarrhea
- There is a lack of appetite
- appears weak and headache
also need to know that dysbiosis always worsens over there is in the body of chronic diseases of the digestive tract,therefore timely diagnosis and early treatment of dysbiosis just needed


In case of problems with the digestive tract must be immediately consult a doctor, who on the basis of the patient's complaints and inspection appoint a deposit of analysis:
- Bacteriological examination of feces
- Biochemical microbial metabolites
- chromium Spectrometry - Mass


Treatment of dysbiosis held for at least four to six weeks.
- Treatments include accurate diagnosis and elimination of the root causes of disease
- Appointment of drugs with the bacteria, which lack the body
- Simultaneously use enzymes for digestion (pancreatin, festal)
- Apply sorbents (activated charcoal, white charcoal, polisorb, smectite,Polyphepanum)
After the treatment you must retake the tests to control the quality and effectiveness of treatment.In
if goiter is a consequence of a chronic disease of the digestive tract - to completely cure it is not possible.But periodically conduct therapy, which normalizes the bowels - is necessary


Primary prevention of dysbacteriosis it is quite a simple matter.To do this, improve the environment and to avoid the stress and the negative impact of many factors internal and external environment.
Under secondary prevention refers to:
- balanced diet
- Taking antibiotics along with drugs to maintain intestinal microflora

In conclusion I would like to add that self dysbiosis using yogurt, probiotics dietary supplements, and does not always end in recovery.Dysbacteriosis should be treated comprehensively, since only with treatments may effectively restore the normal microflora and motility of the colon.

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