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dyspepsia Dyspepsia - indigestion, mostly functional nature, which is caused by irrational balanced diet (alimentary dyspepsia) or inadequate secretion of digestive enzymes (gepatogennaya, gastrogennaya, enterogenous, fermentarnaya, pankreotogennayadyspepsia)


Alimentary indigestion is caused by long-term consumption of food and different kinds of adipose, putrefactive and fermentative dyspepsia.

fat (soap) indigestion caused an increased intake of fat in the intestine, especially of high-melting and slowly digestible like mutton and pork.

putrid dyspepsia is caused by the prevalence of dietary protein products (mainly mutton / pork), which is very slowly digested in the gut, as well as due to use of stale meat.

fermentation dyspepsia is caused by excessive ingestion of carbohydrates (cereal products, bean, honey, sugar, cabbage, fruits, and so forth.), As well as so-called fermentation drinks (kvass, etc.).As a consequence, in the gut, favorable conditions and develop fermenta

tion microflora.

Functional dyspepsia is caused by bile disorders, disorders of the secretory function of the stomach, intestinal juice products and exocrine pancreatic function.

Gastrogennaya dyspepsia observed in stomach cancer, atrophic gastritis , ahilii, achlorhydria.

enterogenous indigestion occurs when disaccharidase failure, chronic enteritis, celiac disease.

Pankreotogennaya dyspepsia observed in tumors of the pancreas, chronic pancreatitis and cystic fibrosis.

Gepatogennaya indigestion is caused by violations zhelcheottoka


Perhaps a fundamental factor in the treatment of dyspepsia is adequately balanced diet.In all, without exception, the kinds of nutritional dyspepsia during the first days (sometimes half a day) appointed by the famine.After that, when the maximum fat dyspepsia limited intake of fats;when putrid - increase the daily amount of carbohydrate intake;during fermentation increases the amount of protein intake while lowering consumption of low molecular weight carbohydrates.

If indigestion is caused by deficiency of digestive enzymes and is accompanied by diarrhea - treatment should be directed at addressing the underlying disease: over two to five days is attributed to diet №4, turning then to №46, held abomin replacement therapy, polizimom, penkreatinomand so forth. In order to combat diarrhea appointed binding drugs, herbs, Imodium.

In most cases, alimentary dyspepsia continues for long enough, but if you do not normalize food - during the process may be delayed, followed by the appearance of complications: the emergence and development of enterocolitis, enteritis, and inflammation of the intestinal mucosa.

prevention of all kinds of dyspepsia is to prevent and, if necessary, treatment of diseases of the gastro - intestinal tract and properly balanced diet.

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