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Hangover (hangover)

hangover (hangover)

hangover photo Hangover or alcohol withdrawal syndrome - the condition of the body, occurring over time due to the adoption of a large number of alcoholic beverages

Hangover - symptoms

EXPRESS hangover symptomsa headache, periodic tremors throughout the body, clear red eyes, pain in the limbs, vomiting, diarrhea (diarrhea), jumps in pressure

Hangover - signs

signs of hangover are the irritability to sounds, light;depression and related apathy, sadness, guilt, suffering a hangover from that party and moved to the realization that "I am not able to drink like everyone else".And that becomes a bad hangover leads to a lack of appetite, the appearance of dry mouth, nausea, insomnia and various sleep disorders, hyperhidrosis

Hangover - Causes

very bad hangover due to the increased desire of the body to protect against exposure to toxicethanol.This leads to a desire that the organism oxidises ethanol to acetaldehyde.In turn, the resulting acetaldehyde continues to pose a threa

t to health and cause more toxicity than alcohol.The body gradually continue to defend because of the enzyme aldehyde dehydrogenase, and with the help of the liver.The patient's condition is normalized to the extent of oxidation of acetaldehyde in the body.The oxidation rate in the liver is individual and depends on the characteristics of the organism suffering from a hangover.As a result of acetaldehyde, acetic acid is formed, which bears no damage and breaks down into water and carbon dioxide.The poor condition of a hangover on average lasts one day.

hangover (hangover) - Treatment

Removing a hangover in a short time and to be workable?This question is raised by the census people at parties.

hangover syndrome treatment is focused on eliminating the painful symptoms, restoring to normal water-salt balance of the body, removes from the body of toxic substances and at the request of the restoration of operational activity of the brain of the patient.

Removal of hangover occurs conventional drugs for headaches.These include aspirin, tsitramon, paracetamol, a burden-pa, and as the use of activated carbon sorbents, enterosgel, eat foods with citric, lactic and succinic acid.Do not forget about a lot of liquid.As for the conventional wisdom to drink in the morning, it is a misconception that only aggravate the situation and lead to the continuation of a headache.The fact that the organism can display no more than 35 grams of alcohol per hour.This is equivalent to one glass of wine.A treatment in a similar way to extend your recovery.And know that miracle cures a hangover does not exist in nature.Such a conclusion was made by American scientists conducted numerous studies.And how then to treat a hangover?Thus, a universal remedy for a hangover will be the adoption of preventive measures and the avoidance of excesses by alcohol.If the trouble happens, the best hangover cure - a bottle of mineral water, 2 tablets of aspirin or tsitramona, 6 tablets of activated charcoal and recreation in the form of sleep to full oxidation and disintegration of alcohol to water and carbon dioxide.Thus, the patient's condition gradually normalized, appetite.To begin with you need to eat low-fat hot soups or broths, good sweet tea with honey, mint and stick to the diet until they are cured.Remember that stress you put on the liver by oxidation of alcohol and do not sin in the diet.

Home remedies for a hangover include: non-alcoholic beer, a hot shower, a solution of honey, tomato and orange juice, pickle cucumbers, yogurt, yogurt, tomato and salt, cheese, sweet grapes, fresh air

hangover (hangoversyndrome) - prevention

most effective tool in preventing a hangover is a complete rejection of the alcoholic beverages.This will save your physical and spiritual health.You and your family will not affect psychological problems.If this option is not acceptable and you want to relax on holiday, you set yourself to measure alcohol consumption.Always stick to simple rules: do not drink on an empty stomach, do not oversaturate while drinking;drink hard liquor orange, pineapple and cherry juice;taking activated charcoal or enterosgel, eat 20 grams of butter before drinking, drinking milk before going to bed after the party.These simple tips can help you avoid or mitigate a hangover.

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