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Fatty hepatosis

steatosis photo Fat steatosis (different fatty degeneration, or fatty liver) is one of a group of reversible, degenerative, chronic liver disease caused by the accumulation of large amounts of lipids.Now there is a rapid growth of disease due to systematic violations in the diet, as well as the wrong way of life.Stop the progression of the disease is possible in identifying the factors that influence the occurrence of fatty liver.Changes for the better are observed at one month was timely treatment

Fatty liver steatosis causes

causes steatosis set, but remain largely excessive alcohol consumption and obesity.Surprisingly, a fatty degeneration can lead a strict vegetarian diet.The reason appears a violation of carbohydrate metabolism due to a lack of protein in the diet.Achieving the benefits of civilization and changed the way of life of many people.This car seat and seat computer, a cozy home sofa.This behavior led to the stagnation of the liquid and the appearance of fatty liver.The f

ollowing reasons, this overweight person, metabolic syndrome, binge eating (overeating), fasting, rapid weight loss, total parenteral (intravenous) nutrition, drug overdose, drugs, toxins, pesticides, industrial, gas, soil bacterium Bacillus cereus.In the risk group are people with diseases such as hyperglycemia, hyperuricemia, hypertriglyceridemia, hepatitis (steatohepatitis), blood pressure and low levels of lipoproteins.Weber-Christian disease, Reye's syndrome, a disease Konovalov - Wilson's disease Volmana, anastomosis, gastritis, diverticulosis, human papilloma virus, the lack of alpha-1 antitrypsin is a factor of development of hepatic steatosis.The pathogenesis of fatty liver is in violation of the metabolism of fats.The reason is the resistance to insulin, resulting in increased transport of fatty acids into the liver.In parallel, in the occurrence of fatty liver inhibition of receptors involved.The toxins, alcohol, drugs can damage cellular mitochondria, which leads to utilization of fatty acids

degrees of fatty liver

There are four degrees of fatty liver.At zero degrees small fat droplets separate groups attack the liver cells.When I-st ​​degree of observed moderate severity, as well as globular obesity liver cells.When II-degree of hepatic steatosis observed atomizing, srednekapelnoe, globular intracellular obesity.At the III-rd degree of hepatic steatosis observed diffuse globular extracellular obesity obesity, as well as the formation of fatty cysts

symptoms of fatty liver

The disease is asymptomatic and feature significantly determined by ultrasound.Indicators of liver enzymes (ALT, AST) may vary and are constantly rising in 50% of cases, which causes difficulty in diagnosing the disease.Prolonged inflammation of the liver may give rise to a new liver cirrhosis or hepatocellular carcinoma ( liver cancer ).

In severe symptoms of fatty liver ill feeling heaviness and discomfort in the right upper quadrant.It can moderate increase of liver under the costal arch up to 5 cm, and the US show clarified the liver with increased echogenicity.During the Doppler ultrasound of the liver is found decreased blood flow.Computed tomography may show a lower density than the spleen.Symptoms of advanced disease is nausea, pain in the epigastric part, aching dull sensation in the right upper quadrant, the phenomena of flatulence

Fatty hepatosis treatment

Treatment steatosis of the liver is to remove the factors causing fatty liver, involves correction of metabolic detoxification and recoveryliver.In parallel with the medication therapy plays an important role lifestyle sick, as well as correction of its feeding behavior.

Drug treatment of fatty liver include Membrane and antioxidant drugs, which are divided into three groups:

- The first group contains the essential phospholipids, their role is to protect hepatocytes.These include Essentiale forte, phosphogliv, Essliver fort berlition

- The second group contains sulfoaminokisloty.This methionine, taurine, ademetionine

- The third group includes in its membership vegetable raw materials.These include Liv, Kars

Valium is prescribed in doses up to 300 mg (1 tab.) Twice a day to 2 months.In severe dynamic Berlition administered intravenously to 600 mg for two weeks, followed by a transition to reception of 300-600 mg per day in tablets.

Essenciale appoint up to 2 capsules (600 mg) three times a day.The treatment duration is 3 months.Gradually lowering the dose to 1 capsule three times a day.

effective membrane-stabilizing drug is artichoke - Hofitol.Administered before a meal (3 times a day) for three tablets rate 3 weeks.

Particular importance is attached to the treatment of fatty liver taurine.Preparations its content is Dibikor, Taufon.Preparations are valuable because they have several mechanisms: membrane stabilizing and antioxidant.

Useful antioxidant vitamin E, vitamin C, selenium, but in small quantities.Niacin, ribovlavin helps with liver detoxification

People's treatment of fatty liver

can resort to herbal medicine Turmeric (Curcuma), Turmerik (Turmeric).The family of the ginger has antioxidant activity that lowers blood sugar.Available as medicine Holagol.Assign 10 drops before meals (on a piece of sugar) three times per day course of 6 weeks.

Effective milk thistle (milk thistle).Available in the form of a thistle oil and drug Gepabene.The drug is administered by the capsule three times a day, and the dosage for pain increased to 4 capsules.

curly dock is able to reduce the amount of fat in the liver.Prepare the broth and take a tablespoon before main meals

Prevention of fatty liver

Prevention includes the right lifestyle hyperdynamia (muscular activity), daily feasible exercise for 30 minutes, walking, climbing stairs, control of food intakeand avoiding overeating.It is recommended to reduce the weight to 500 grams per week

Diet for fat hepatosis

recommend patients to adhere to special diets developed by the Soviet nutritionist MIPevzner.These include diet №5, table №5 №5a and diet and diet №8, table №8.These diets are aimed at the removal of acute illness and cure.Diet diet should include cheese, buckwheat, oats, barley, wheat, brown rice, vegetables, artichokes, fruits, fish and sea products.Products preferably steamed, baked or boiled.Fluid consumption per day should reach two liters.It is necessary to limit the consumption of fatty dairy products, sugar, sugary soft drinks, fat, white cakes, breakfast cereal flakes, margarine, jam, but alcohol should be completely deleted or at least drink water.Eat fiber, which are rich in bran, bread from wheat flour.

not start his illness, make the effort and steatosis necessarily recede, but remember that at the resumption of livelihoods everything back in its place.It should be noted that the disease arises due to the fault of the man himself.This disease has been seen as "the achievement of civilization."This coloring, flavoring E supplements.Be careful when selecting products, giving preference to natural.At every step, we are tempted pastries, sweets, refined carbohydrates and as a result there is a violation of the body metabolism, and appear related diseases.Promotion of alcohol drinks such as Coca-Cola, destroy the liver and cause drug dependence.The drug is able to overtake hepatosis slender and athletic adding people.All the fault of the medical use of synthetic drugs, which poison the liver.Especially dangerous is tetracycline antibiotics, and hormones.When cooking meals is important to consider the dishes, which are preparing.From Teflon, microwave ovens and aluminum utensils should be abandoned.

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