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Fatty liver

Fatty liver

fatty liver photo Fatty liver or steatosis - a disease that occurs in humans as a result of constant overeating, eating fatty food and alcohol, as well as metabolic disorders.Failure of the liver leads to many complications.Throughout the life of the human body is continuously updated, but if the patient is disturbed metabolism, it leads to steatosis. To prevent the disease is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle

Obesity causes liver

reasons still unclear.The risk group of middle-aged people with excess weight, and obese.Often it diabetics suffering from high cholesterol levels and by insulin resistance.

reasons could act as overweight or lack of protein in the body;exhausting long starvation and low-calorie diets that restrict food intake;complete vegetarianism and receiving estrogen;abuse of antibiotics tetracycline and viral infections;malfunction of the endocrine system and chronic diseases of the stomach, as well as the poor performance of the digestive system.

Alcohol abuse also leads

to the disease.The disease often develops even in short periods of drunkenness.The significance and the origin of the genetic predisposition to obesity.Heredity affects the amount of liver enzymes which are involved in the breakdown of alcohol.

Additional risk factors include: the disease hepatitis C and excess iron, oxidative stress, which lead to cell damage and destruction;abuse of drugs and hereditary liver disease.

Symptoms can catch people who do not drink.Adipose disease leads to the defeat of the entire organ.Person threatens curing liver and yet scarring healthy cells.Further, cirrhosis, liver failure and liver cancer

Fatty liver symptoms

At the beginning of disease symptoms are not noticeable, but in a few years the human body is subject to the following criteria: loss of appetite and weight loss;increased fatigue and nausea;weakness, difficulties are associated with concentration;increase in liver size, and pain in the right part of the abdomen;skin darkening in the armpits and neck.

Diagnoses obesity doctor on a regular visual inspection, and problems with the liver exactly tell blood and ultrasound (US) and biopsy

Fatty liver treatment

liver is located on the right side of the abdomen under the ribs themselves.Longitudinal beard divides it into two parts: a large and a small right-left.In the event of the disease begins malfunctioning organ, and then the various complications.The main function of the liver is to purify the body of toxins.If this process is disrupted, there is an intoxication of all organism

How to treat fatty liver ?

treatment originates from the establishment of the system in power.The diet in the diet becomes balanced, gentle.Develops a diet doctor.Diet for obesity liver includes light fruit, vegetable, dairy, cereals soups.Be sure to include cooked meat, sea fish, one egg per day, dairy products.It is prohibited to abuse baking, flour dishes.Useful cheese, honey, mineral water.

The main problem with the disease - excess fat oxidation, which entails the destruction of the cells.The next problem is the hepatitis.Therefore, inflammation must be treated professionally.Hepatitis can lead to the development of hepatic insufficiency and cirrhosis more occurs.It is therefore necessary to monitor the state of the body and bring it to obesity.

excess fat on the body can be seen directly with the naked eye, but with the liver's different.Without the help of a doctor not to identify.The reason for concern should serve 15% of the total weight of the fat body.Treatment of folk remedies include the use of herbal infusions, fruit and vegetable broths, herbs

Obesity prevention of liver

only effective way to avoid obesity - is to give up alcohol forever.Take care of yourself, a healthy diet, exercise.Limit yourself in carbohydrates (sugar, rice, white bread).If you notice symptoms, contact the experts, do not run themselves!Running form treatable only by surgery.

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