pielit.Treatment pielita

pyelitis pielit - urological disease, which is characterized by inflammation of the renal pelvis.The disease can overtake a person at any age, but most often it occurs in children from six months.The most susceptible to the emergence pielita girls from two to five years.This is directly related to the structural features of the genitourinary system of female organism.

also often suffer pielitah pregnant women - is due to the fact that the fetus presses on the urethra.In men, the disease is often the result of operations on the prostate.The clinical course pielit divided into chronic and acute


Most often this disease is caused by infection ascending from the lower urinary tract: ureters, bladder and urethra.Malformations of the urinary system (horseshoe kidney, ureter doubling, doubling cups and so on.) And urolithiasis also contribute to urinary tract infection and lead to pielit 1 exacerbate inflammation.Also pielita pathogen is Escherichia coli, which enters the bo

dy through the lymphatic system.In addition, almost any inflammatory disease may be a precipitating factor occurrence pielita, especially in cases where the patient has other problems related to the genitourinary system


main symptoms pielita:

- Acute pain in the lumbar region,the perineum and pubis

- Frequent painful urination (due to the presence of pus - the urine is dark muddy hue)

- Acute pyelitis high fever and chills

correct diagnosis of - for uncharacteristic symptoms of the disease can only bein the event that in the urine of the patient revealed a large number of white blood cells, indicating that the onset of inflammation in the kidney


First of all, the treatment pielita based on compliance with a special regime of hygiene and well-defined diets basedis eating a vegetable and dairy products.From the diet should be completely excluded: alcohol, smoked, spicy and greasy pizza, as well as to reduce to a minimum the use of salt.

According to the results of analyzes are appointed antibiotics, antibacterial agents, and sulfa drugs.Also, when pyelitis recommend taking a warm bath (about 20 minutes) and warming the kidneys using the heaters.

The treatment of this disease is well proven popular disinfectants and diuretics: The infusion of juniper berries (1 table. Teaspoon per 200 ml of water, take 3-4 times a day for 1 table. Spoon).Also, to facilitate the state consume cranberry concoctions of leaves, birch buds, horsetail.

for surgery is resorted to only in cases where inflammation of the renal pelvis occurred as a consequence of serious congenital abnormalities of the urinary tract.

If timely treatment in a medical institution - pielita treatment is usually two to three days, after which, in most cases there is complete recovery.However, if the process is running - pyelitis becomes chronic and treated for many years


main factor in prevention is hygiene pielita genitourinary system (especially for girls).It is necessary to wash every day, using a special anti-bacterial means for intimate places.Recommended for use vitamin complexes, which increase the protective properties of the body.

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