cystitis Cystitis - this is quite a common disease of the bladder mucosa, occurring at any age.Most often, the disease occurs in females, but it is prone to the emergence of men and children.In the majority of cases reported the cause of cystitis is how - or infection (streptococci, staphylococci, E. coli and so forth.). also the cause of the disease can be genital mycoplasma and ureaplasma infection

symptoms of cystitis

main symptoms include:

- Frequent urination

- Burning sensation when urinating

- constant feeling that you needurgently urinate, even in cases of complete absence of urine (or the presence of a very small amount)

- urine is dark and muddy (in some cases, mixed with blood)

- Pain in the lower abdomen and back

- The feeling of general malaise

An increase in body temperature up to 37.5 * C is necessary to consult a doctor immediately, as there is a likelihood of kidney disease.

Similar symptoms may be from a sexually transmitted infections like chlamydia, so

accurate diagnosis can only be a qualified doctor

causes of cystitis

In most cases, the disease is caused by bacteria that enter the urethra and ascendon it up to the bladder causing irritation and infection.The development of the vast majority of infections caused by bacteria that live in the intestines (colon bacillus and so on.), Which is why women suffer from cystitis more often (so-so because - for the anatomical features of the female body - the urethra is in close proximity to the anus, in the district of which accumulate bacteria fromintestine).

The group risk of cystitis include individuals who:

- Enjoy spermicidal contraceptive

- Leading a very active sex life

- Use a urinary catheter (for him the bacteria directly into the bladder)

- Postmenopausal women

- diabetic patients (large amounts of sugar in the urine creates a favorable environment for the development of pathogenic bacteria)

- Use a variety of stimuli that irritate the bladder and urethra (some soaps, shampoos, etc.)

- Having a condition or disease affectingnormal bladder emptying (pregnancy, enlarged prostate , kidney stones and so forth.)

Diagnostics cystitis

Sometimes the disease can be cured at home, but definitely need to visit the doctor when:

- After three days of treatment does not appear marked improvement

- presence of blood in urine

- during pregnancy or in case of a possible pregnancy

- severe pain in the lower abdomen and back

- In the presence of high temperature, vomiting anda strong sense of general malaise

- In the presence of concomitant diseases of the genitourinary system

- In diabetes

- age threshold exceeded 65

If there is a suspicion of the development of cystitis in young children and men - an appeal to the physician necessarilybecause children must exclude any abnormalities present in the genitourinary system to prevent kidney problems in later life;while for men it can be directly connected with prostate inflammation

Cystitis Treatment

Home Treatment

- Take painkillers (paracetamol, etc., previously carefully read the annotation orconsult a pharmacist)

- Take pharmaceutical products containing potassium citrate or sodium bicarbonate.They do less acidic urine (as an alternative - to drink 200 ml of water and dissolved therein ½ tsp. Baking soda).

- Be sure to drink plenty of

But still it would be better if you are already at the first suspicion of the development of the disease a person to see a doctor for professional care, as in this case, the use of effective medicines as soon as possible of the bladder comes innorm, and the disease itself back down, until the complete disappearance of


The primary objective in the treatment of cystitis is the destruction of pathogenic bacteria found in the urogenital system.Antibiotics are assigned based on the complexity of both the disease and their parameters: speed distribution throughout the body, particularly in the gastrointestinal absorption of the drug - intestinal tract, the rate of excretion from the body and the possibility of side effects.

Today proven effective specialized drugs, concentrating directly into the bladder, thereby significantly reducing the duration of treatment.One of the commonly used drugs of this type - it Monural.

addition to medication and other measures used to combat the disease are: iontophoresis, UHF and inductothermy.It is also necessary to observe a special diet, which provides for the complete exclusion from the diet of fried, spicy foods and drinking plenty of water and liquid food

Preventive measures

- Required quality personal hygiene

- Avoid hypothermia

- Drink enough fluids(water and juices)

- Do not allow to critical overfilling the bladder

- Abandon clothes too tight pelvis

- For constipation, increase the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables

- After intercourse, be sure to visit the bathroom (urinate)

- When Health genitals need to use soap neutral acid-alkaline balance

- necessarily very frequent change of sanitary napkins during menstruation.

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