nonspecific urethritis

Pseudogonorrhea nonspecific urethritis - inflammation of the urethra caused by conditional - pathogenic microflora (Escherichia coli, Gardnerella, streptococci, staphylococci, enterobacteria, Proteus, adenoviruses, a fungus).Many of these microorganisms are permanent residents of the human body, but without - or certain reasons, the occurrence of urethritis they are not provoked.In allergic conditions, as well as reducing the body's immune defenses, there may be an imbalance of microflora living in the human body, and as a result develop a disease as a non-specific urethritis.

diagnosis of nonspecific urethritis set only if the smears from the urethra are not observed microorganisms that provoke specific urethritis: herpes simplex virus, mycoplasma, trichomonas, ureaplasma, chlamydia and gonorrhea

nonspecific urethritis symptoms

pronounceddifferences in symptomatology specific and nonspecific urethritis exists.As women and men observed the painful discomfort in the urethra, and

aching pain in the abdomen.There may be purulent discharge from the urethra, hematuria.

the transition of nonspecific urethritis in the chronic stage, the symptoms of this disease can be almost completely absent.The chronic form of its dangerous tendency to cause quite unpleasant complications, urethral stricture, colliculitis, cystitis, etc.

addition to nonspecific urethritis may join specific microflora (gonorrhea, ureaplasma, mycoplasma and so on.) That can trigger the development of a secondary specific urethritis.

Diagnosis of the disease is based on data swab taken from the external opening of the urethra (the absence of specific micro flora) and on the basis of the overall clinical picture

nonspecific urethritis treated

main drugs used in the treatment of non-specific urethritis aresulfa drugs and antibiotics active against selected by plating the pathogen.Showed reception immunokorregirujushchej preparations and vitamin complexes.In the acute form of urethritis shows the use of local ways of killing germs in the urethra (the washing solution furatsilina).It is imperative to adhere to a specially designed diet.Also in this disease it is recommended sparing regimen of work, abstinence from sexual intercourse and excessive exercise.

In case if non-specific urethritis is not revealed connection of secondary microflora, treatment should take place only one sexual partner (at specific urethritis necessarily treatment of both partners).

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