Thrush in men

Thrush in men

Thrush in men photo Thrush in men - is a fungal infection of urogenital nature.Thrush in men is similar in origin thrush in women, but it has differences in clinical manifestations.Moreover, if women thrush is a separate isolated disease, the men lingering, chronic genital candidiasis always points to serious systemic disturbances.

received its name due to the disease areas of distinctive white or gray-white plaque on the genitals, and looks like soured milk.

«culprits" of the disease are microscopic fungi Candida.As part of the pathogenic microflora present in the body and are completely harmless in small quantities.They can be detected on the skin (especially around the orifices) in the oral cavity, the intestines and genital organs.Especially comfortable fungal population feels in warm places with high humidity - in the inguinal folds and mucous membranes.Candida fungi have the ability to form colonies.Expanding, they are tightly attached to the surface of cells, destroying them and introduc

ed into the underlying tissue - specific form so dense white raids.

growth and reproduction of fungal microflora is controlled by the immune system, therefore a violation of its work is the most common cause of thrush.The most common symptoms of thrush provoke uncontrolled use of antibiotics.

Mushrooms Candida «love» glucose, so often breed successfully in tissues with a high sugar content.In patients with diabetes and metabolic disorders thrush recorded more often.

Thrush in the stronger sex occurs much less frequently than women.This is due to structural features of the genital organs: mucous membrane of the vagina is more suitable for the reproduction of fungal flora than the skin of male external genitalia.In addition, regular hygiene prevents the growth of fungal flora.

male yeast infection symptoms are not always expressed clearly enough, in most patients the disease is manifested by small signs, and in 10-15% of all cases of male yeast infection is asymptomatic.Because of the mild symptoms of the disease often becomes chronic with episodes of recurrence.

Unlike the female, a significant number of the male population discriminates against visiting a doctor, preferring to self-diagnosis and self-medication.Buying random drugs for the treatment of genital infection, they do not cure the disease, but only relieve active symptoms of yeast infection in men.In such situations, thrush becomes a chronic disease.The most unfavorable situation is when the patient starts treatment with antibiotics, suspecting at venereal disease as a result of a fungal population begins to proliferate, and the disease becomes acute form, worsening the patient's condition.

diagnosis of thrush in men is not difficult, even in the absence of active complaints of the patient, symptoms of thrush is easy to see in conventional external examination of the genital area.However, in cases where the candida flora developed in collaboration with other pathogenic bacteria, diagnosis in men thrush causes difficulties.

uncomplicated acute episodes of genital candidiasis in somatically healthy men with good immune systems respond well to treatment if the causative agent is eliminated, along with the cause and development of disease.Long flowing complicated thrush in men is difficult to be cured, as the infection goes up into the overlying organs - bladder, prostate and kidney.

Medicines treat yeast infections in men are similar to those for the treatment of vulvovaginal inflammation in women and represented a wide variety of antifungal drugs systemic and local applications.

issue of transferring yeast from a partner during intimacy is equally interested in both men and women.Often at a reception at the gynecologist ask the patient about whether the man is a carrier of a thrush, and vice versa - men interested in that, how could they "infect" partner.The appearance of yeast infection in men is often puzzling, as the disease is often erroneously considered only women.

Genital candidiasis is often detected in both sexual partners, that may imply sexual pathway.However, it is also diagnosed in young children and not sexually active adults, pointing to the independent nature of the disease.This dual nature of the disease does not allow to give a definite answer about the possibility of sexual transmission of the disease.

mechanism of transmission of fungal infection sexual partner is associated with the presence of his (or her) damage (injuries, abrasions and so on) on the skin and mucous intimate zone as well as major changes to the immune defense mechanisms.Therefore, the situation when the source of the disease in women is a carrier of a man thrush occurs if:

- In the area of ​​the external genitalia of women there are areas with a damaged outer layer of the skin or mucous membranes.Such sites are not protected against opportunistic pathogens, fungi have got them easily penetrate deeper and begin to multiply.

- women have expressed inflammatory processes in the genital area.When inflammation of the local defense mechanisms are weakened and inflamed tissue becomes loose and easier passes into unwanted microflora.

- existing partner dysbiosis vagina creates ideal conditions for the development of the disease after sexual contact with the owner of thrush.

Similar conditions the sexual transmission of fungal inflammation apply to men.All of these mechanisms are unlikely, if the sexual partner is healthy and has a good immune system.In addition, sexual intercourse with a source of candidiasis should be continuous and regular.A long-term chronic yeast infection in men and women is more dangerous in terms of sexual transmission than acute.

Causes of yeast infection in men

only reason for thrush is the excessive increase in the population of fungi Candida.Genitals men are not "appropriate" place for the development of thrush, as the penis is on the outside, and fungi are regularly washed away during the hygiene procedures.Very rare cases of yeast infections in circumcised men.

Unlike the female body thrush in men is almost always indicative of the serious troubles that triggered the growth of fungal microflora.

fungal population begins to show aggressiveness and becomes pathogenic when a next trigger factors:

- In most cases (80%), fungal infection of the genital organs in men is caused by abnormalities in the local and general immunity against a background of severe infections, immunodeficiency disorders, vitamin deficiencies and violationsmetabolism.Inflammatory processes in the genital organs (especially sexually transmitted diseases) have a negative impact on the state of local immunity, reduce the ability to resist genital infection and create the necessary conditions for the reproduction of fungi.

- Men who are prone to the development of systemic allergic diseases (psoriasis, asthma and others), thrush may be an allergic reaction to the fungus.

- Mushrooms tend to tissues rich in glucose.This explains the frequent occurrence of yeast infection in men with diabetes.

- Antibiotics and certain hormones increases the risk of fungal infection.

- fungal microflora prefers the closed areas of the skin or mucous membranes with high humidity.Therefore, failure to observe basic rules of personal hygiene (washing away) can lead to excessive proliferation of fungi in the intimate area.Man neglect regular hygiene procedures, is more likely to be ill with a thrush.Particular attention should be paid to the intimate hygiene in hot weather when sweat glands in the skin in the area of ​​sexual organs are working in emergency mode.

However, thrush may occur after too zealous hygiene.Too frequent water treatments cause the skin of the penis becomes too dry, which makes it vulnerable.The use of aggressive hygiene products (soaps, gels, etc.) can also cause local irritation and allergic reactions.

- Obesity predisposes to the development of thrush for two reasons: a metabolic disorder alters the immune system, and excessive fat deposition provokes sweating and creates necessary for Candida «wet" and warm climate.In addition, obese men is more difficult to observe the correct hygiene of the genital organs.

- excessive stress and psycho-emotional stress negatively affect the immune system, enhance the work of the sweat glands, increase your body temperature.Against this background, the fungal microflora easier to increase their numbers.

- Thrush in men can provoke some local innocuous situation, accompanied by violation of the integrity of the skin or mucous membranes in the genital area, for example, thermal and chemical burns and / or injuries.Wearing too tight underwear sometimes leads to irritation on the delicate skin of genitals, prevents normal heat exchange in this area, and provokes the development of thrush.

- have partners of women with chronic vaginal candidiasis, the risk of developing thrush increased by 4 times compared with those who are not in contact with sick partners.Candidiasis of the penis, in some situations, it may appear after prolonged sexual activity with a woman with chronic thrush.This state is called "thrush married" and involves a joint therapy.

Whatever the reasons for the increased population Candida, in healthy men an episode of thrush has no negative consequences and vivid clinic.Often the disease is short-lived, it can be cured by internal security reserves or rapidly against the backdrop of a single course of antifungal therapy.

Signs and symptoms of yeast infection in men

The most common initial symptom of a yeast infection in men is inflammation of the skin of the glans penis - balanitis.It occurs as an independent disease is extremely rare, since inflammation is rapidly spreading in the foreskin, and the disease is in the form of balanoposthitis - inflammation of the glans and foreskin.

Symptoms of inflammation are increasing with the spread of fungal infections, and appropriate to the stage of the disease.

In early disease (stage catarrh) in the skin of the penis in the coronal sulcus and foreskin appear redness, slight swelling and slight Moisture.The patient is worried about a burning sensation, itching and discomfort.At this stage, as a rule, patients rarely seek qualified help, try to cope on their own or do not take any measures.

Next, erosive stage, weeping skin of the penis is damaged, her begin to appear small erosion.Merging, they form a vast sores that covered the characteristic gray-white thick coating.After removal of the plaque found bright red erosive surface.There may be a narrowing of the foreskin (phimosis).Increasing swelling leads to strengthening of existing and the emergence of symptoms of pain, including during urination, erection and / or sexual intimacy.

inguinal lymph nodes are increased after the exacerbation of the inflammatory process can be painful.

Sometimes the skin of the penis thrush appears atypical for vulvovaginal lesions rash of spots or "pimples".These skin rashes have an allergic nature and may complicate diagnosis.

disorders caused by candidiasis, create favorable conditions for the accession of secondary infection, especially in a weakened organism.In this case, the clinic will complement the symptoms of purulent inflammation.

If the inflammation has affected the urethra, urination is painful and accompanied by a burning sensation.Candida urethritis in men develop in the absence of adequate attention to their condition by the patient.Most symptoms are similar to acute gonorrhea.To join asymptomatic urinary disorders as dysuria, burning and itching while passing urine canal inflamed urethra.The urine becomes turbid and acquires a sour smell.If the urethral mucosa damaged significantly in the urine may appear admixture of blood flowing from ulcers on the mucosa of the urethra.

At night, when the mushrooms and their metabolic products are long-term in the urethra, it is formed and accumulates a thick white mucous secretion with inclusions in the form of strands or flakes.In the morning the patient finds it while urinating.

It is very rare, complicated forms of yeast infection in men is Candida pielotsistit - fungal infection of the bladder and kidneys.The disease runs hard, with severe fever and pain.

Relapses chronic Candida infections detected in men with severe somatic diseases and immunodeficiency.

One of the most negative scenarios is to attempt self-medication with antibiotics, if the patient has a fear of venereal infection potential.In this case, the disease is getting worse.

diagnosis of thrush in men starts with a visual inspection of the genitals.An experienced doctor easily detect the characteristic of candida skin changes - inflammatory "spots" covered with a gray-white coating.Often, the patient clearly indicates the cause of the symptoms, such as antibiotics, worsening of diabetes, a change of pace hygiene and so on.The presence of chronic vaginal candidiasis in a sexual partner has a certain diagnostic value.

Fungi have the ability to associate with other representatives of conditionally pathogenic and participate in joint infection.In such situations, the picture of the disease is expressed much brighter, but the characteristic symptoms of thrush may be hiding under the guise of other infectious diseases.

Laboratory diagnosis can detect fungal microflora as a pathogen.For diagnosis using smear microscopy and culture content erosions or ulcers of the skin lesion of the penis.However, the mere presence of Candida in the material being tested does not point to the disease due to the fact that the fungi are contained in tissues of a healthy person.The correct diagnosis is only based on an analysis of survey data, external examination, and laboratory studies.

Sometimes the cause of yeast infection in men can not be established, in which case it is believed that candidiasis is the nature of secondary disease.

treatment of thrush in men

success of treatment of thrush in men depends on the cause of the disease.Modern drugs are the treatment of thrush in men without serious difficulties to cope with the disease if it is due to local causes: violations of the personal hygiene, microtrauma disorders local immune defense mechanism and so on.

If the patient has systemic endocrine, immune or hormonal nature, thrush may not always be completely eliminated.Often patients fungal infection occurs in the chronic relapsing form, and curative measures only help to eliminate the acute symptoms and prolong the period of remission.To completely cure patients from such genital candidiasis, it is necessary to eliminate the unfavorable background, and it is not always feasible, as for example in the case of diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and other similar ailments.

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