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The aperture of the larynx

Aperture larynx

Aperture larynx - connective membrane of the larynx.The reasons for the emergence of scar tissue include: long wearing tracheotomy or endotracheal tube, laryngeal hondroperihondrit, scleroma, congenital anomalies (rare).Also, the diaphragm causes of the larynx can be: cardio - vascular system, allergies, kidney disease , acute infectious diseases, various chemical, thermal and mechanical injury of the larynx;abscess in the neck phlegmonous laryngitis.

course and symptoms of this disease depend on the current size of the aperture.At small sizes - symptoms may be entirely absent.If the diaphragm has a rather significant amount - marked hoarseness and shortness of breath (especially during exercise).

On examination of the larynx is clearly visible in the membrane podskladochnom space or in the glottis.

to expand the lumen of the larynx used bronchoscopic tube or Bougie.If the desired effect has not been achieved through laringofissuru carried out extra-endolaryngeal excision

of the diaphragm.

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