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Foreign bodies of the pharynx

pharyngeal foreign bodies

In modern ENT - practice pharyngeal foreign bodies are common.They may be the most diverse nature and form: the shell of cereals, fruit pieces, fish bones, pieces of wood, metal objects, dentures and others. As a result of wearing dentures, greatly reduced the sensitivity of the mucous membrane of the soft and hard palate, so foreign bodies can get intothroat discreetly.

Depending on the size and shape of the pharynx foreign body can get stuck between the tonsils and palatal bow, in the gaps of the tonsils, and sometimes penetrate the thickness of tissue (especially almonds).Also, there are cases when a foreign body stuck in the lingual tonsil, in the pear-shaped sinuses side bolsters in vallekule.Maybe getting into the throat and live foreign bodies: insects, beetles, leeches (drinking water or bathing in natural water)

Symptoms Symptoms depend on the place of introduction, the shape and size of foreign body pharynx.The main symptoms include: feeling the prese

nce of a foreign object in the throat, worse when swallowing stabbing pain in the throat, sore throat, cough, possible appearance of salivation.If the foreign body is large enough - sharply difficulty breathing, impaired speech, perhaps the onset of asphyxia.If you were a foreign body in the throat long enough period of time, at the point of introduction may cause inflammation of the soft tissues, sepsis and bleeding.

definitive diagnosis is established on the basis of visual inspection departments throat.In some cases, a controversial X-ray


treatment is to remove the foreign body from the throat using forceps, clamps and laryngeal forceps.In some cases, pre-anesthetized with pear-shaped pockets, mucous obol.back of the throat and tongue root 10% solution of lidocaine.If after the removal of the foreign body in its place is the introduction of the wound surface - this area is lubricated with a 5% solution of iodine (Lugol's solution), followed by the appointment rinse the throat or a weak solution of potassium permanganate solution furatsilina.During the five - seven days prohibited to roughage that can cause irritation.

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