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foreign body larynx Foreign bodies of the larynx are much less common than the foreign bodies of nose, ears, trachea or bronchi.The laryngeal foreign bodies often get stuck due to their large size, or uneven edges (egg and nutshell meal, meat and fish bones, metal objects, etc. and dentures.) And in most cases are wedged between the cords.Cases where leeches are fixed in the larynx, falling into her drinking water directly from natural water bodies. most often hit in the throat foreign bodies in children aged five to seven years;but it is also susceptible to mentally ill people and the elderly with impaired the reflex and the swallowing reflex

reasons and for

Foreign bodies larynx fall from the nasopharynx and nasal cavity (in children's games), during a meal - from the mouth of the esophagusand stomach - while vomiting from the bronchi and trachea - when you cough.During tonzillotomii adenotomy or may occur iatrogenic foreign body larynx (aspiration fragment of a surgical instrument or

remote limfoadenoidnoy tissue).

most common foreign body stuck at the level of the larynx and vocal vestibular folds, and only then can descend into Morganievy pockets.Much less delay foreign bodies takes place in the arytenoid region or anterior commissure.

The most common mechanism of foreign bodies in the larynx is a sudden aspiration of a foreign body that occurs when laughing, talking, sneezing, eating, in the case of an unexpected blow on the head.Also often aspirated foreign bodies occur during drowsiness or sleep, when frightened, distraction or intoxicated.

annoyed and injuring the mucous membrane, throat foreign body cause inflammation and swelling, the severity of which depends on their length of stay in the larynx, the nature of the foreign body, and from joining a secondary infection.In the case of acute laryngeal penetration of foreign bodies, it is possible perforation, so that foreign bodies can penetrate into the neighboring area and become a so-called "gateway" for the development of secondary infections (mediastinitis, perichondrium, the external jugular vein thrombosis and abscesses perilaringealnye).If foreign bodies are in the larynx sufficiently long period of time may cause contact ulcers, bedsores, contact granulomas and secondary infection

Symptoms Symptoms depend on the location and size of foreign bodies.With a small foreign body comes suddenly a strong cough reflex.Also, there is a reflex vomiting, promotes expulsion of foreign bodies.In case of contact with the larynx of significant size of foreign body, which is completely or almost completely covers the glottis - comes asphyxia, which at untimely tracheotomy leads first to the coma, and later to the clinical death


Even small foreign body larynx represent a significant threat to human life, so show them the immediate removal of a qualified person in outpatient conditions.Only in the case of any possible asphyxia attempt removal of foreign body yourself (before the arrival of paramedics) with a finger

Forecast Forecast

life is serious enough, especially for small children, located more severe asphyxia and rapid onset of death.When provided timely quality health care - prognosis is quite favorable.

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