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Foreign bodies of the nose

Foreign bodies of the nose

nasal foreign bodies Foreign bodies of the nose are most common in children.They are quite diverse in form, size and nature (beads, pins, screws with toys, plant seeds, coins, pieces of paper, pieces of fruit, etc.).In adults, the foreign body can be caught in the production of pain and facial injuries (molten metal, pieces of stone or glass, and projectile splinters ave.), As well as from the oral cavity by vomiting.Very rare live nasal foreign bodies (small insects, roundworm and leeches).In the case of a long stay in the nasal cavity foreign body around it, due to the fall-out of calcium carbonate and phosphates are formed so-called "nasal stones" (rinolity)

Symptoms depend on the duration of stay in the nasal cavity and the nature of the foreign body.There is a reflex tearing and sneezing, nasal breathing is difficult, there are purulent - bleeding from the nostrils of the affected foreign body.If a foreign body of small size with a smooth surface - the symptoms may not be suf

ficiently long period of time.In acute foreign bodies bleeding occurs and there are persistent pain.

Diagnosis is based on data rinoskopii, radiographic examination, probing and history

Treatment Removal of small foreign bodies (previously dripped into the nose vasoconstrictor), it is possible simply by strong blowing the nose.If the attempt to remove this manner is unsuccessful, the patient should go to the ENT department for professional medical care.

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