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Foreign body ear

Foreign body ear

foreign bodies uha1 Foreign body ear in most cases occur in children who, because of their natural curiosity tuck into the ear canal various small objects (beads, seeds, fruit seeds, paper, etc..).In adults, foreign bodies in the ear are generally when you try to clean it, or relieve itching caused (fragments of matches, pieces of cotton wool, etc.).It is also possible to get into the ear of various insects (ants, cockroaches, bedbugs, flies, etc.).If a foreign body is in the ear long enough period of time - perhaps the development of inflammatory processes (and other disorders) in the outer ear


If the ear is a foreign body is relatively small with smooth walls, in addition to hearing loss, no other symptomsmay not be.If foreign bodies with sharp edges, especially if it is alive insects - there are quite unpleasant and sometimes painful sensations and, causing a noise and earache.In some cases, the foreign body can be sufficiently long not to have an effect, but over time cause in

flammation of the middle or outer ear


First of all I want to note that the self-extract the foreign body is not recommended, as in the case ofof incorrect manipulation, a foreign object can be pushed even further, or cause a nasty injury, which will subsequently the appointment of additional treatment.

hitting insects previously sacrificed, dripped into the ear of two - three drops of 40% - of alcohol or liquid oil, then remove the stream of warm water from the syringe Janet (if there is a perforation of the tympanic membrane foreign body ear - any kind of washes forbidden!) Or tweezers.Prone to swelling foreign substances of vegetable origin (cereals, legumes, etc.). Previously dehydrated by repeated infusion into the ear of 3% of boric acid or 70% alcohol.Flat small foreign bodies removed with tweezers ear.

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