Odontogenic osteomyelitis of the jaw

Odontogenic osteomyelitis
of the jaw

Odontogenic osteomyelitis of the jaw Odontogenic osteomyelitis of the jaw - the most frequent purulent - inflammatory diseases of maxillo - facial region.Odontogenic osteomyelitis in its current is divided into acute, subacute and chronic forms, as localization of osteomyelitis of the upper jaw and osteomyelitis of the mandible.The inflammatory process extends adjacent to the hearth on bone marrow space and into the interior of the bone, which leads to necrosis of the latter.The reason for this is purulent - necrotic process jawbone is the exacerbation of acute and chronic periodontitis .

The size of the affected area is isolated restriction (3 - 4 teeth), diffuse (half / whole jaw), as well as a focal odontogenic osteomyelitis.

clinical picture odontogenic osteomyelitis of the jaw depends on the body's immune defenses, the virulence of microorganisms caused the disease, the patient's age, phase of the disease and the location of the lesion.

patients with acute odontogenic osteomyelitis complain of pain in the causal tooth, which was soon joined by signs of inflammatory periodontal lesions adjacent teeth.Painful sensations are enhanced, giving ear, temple and eye socket.

osteomyelitis of the mandible nature of the violation of the surface sensitivity of the skin of the chin with a groan of defeat, mucous hull.vestibule of mouth and red border of the lower lip.With the development of purulent - inflammatory process in admaxillary soft tissue pain moved beyond the jaw, so that there are complaints that are typical osteoflegmony: pain when chewing and swallowing, mixing jaw, swelling.Increases the overall temperature of the body, there is a weakness, there are frequent headaches , out of his mouth comes a very fetid smell.Causal tooth becomes mobile, adjacent teeth become loose, too, percussion them painful.Those involved in purulent - inflammatory mucosa and gingiva transitional fold bloodshot and swollen, their palpation sharply painful.

under the body of the mandible periosteum and the alveolar bone is accumulated pus.From under the gingival margin after the loosening of the teeth appear purulent discharge.In some cases formed subgingival abscesses.If pus gets into cellular spaces, developing cellulitis and abscesses admaxillary tissues that according to the statistics there are to be at about 60% of patients with osteomyelitis of the jaws odotogennym.Such patients have a flushing of the skin and soft tissue infiltration.

the transition odotogennogo osteomyelitis of the jaw in the chronic phase, there is a significant remission of pain and reduction of infiltration of soft tissues.In places sections of the oral mucosa or the skin, there are fistulas draining pus.In the finding of pathological focus mobile teeth and jaw flattened


In the acute phase treatment of osteomyelitis of jaws odotogennogo aimed at eliminating festering - inflammatory focus in the bone and the surrounding soft tissues.In addition, measures are being taken to correct the underlying disease caused by disturbed functions of the organism.Surgical treatment is drainage located in the bone by removing the source of infection of the tooth which appeared the source of infection;when admaxillary phlegmons abscesses and soft tissue dissected dialysis wounds.In addition to the surgical treatment is carried out purposeful balanced and comprehensive anti-inflammatory drug therapy.

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