Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Sudden Infant Death Syndrome - causeless sudden death of a child from respiratory failure before the age of one year.According to statistics, this syndrome is the leading cause of death in infants aged one month to one year.Origin sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is currently not fully understood, but most medical luminaries consider it the result of the cessation of breathing (apnea).SIDS are most susceptible to the boys (60%) aged up to seven months, with the peak of mortality accounts for two - four months.The most frequently sudden death occurs in the morning or at night in the cold season

Factors contributing to the risk of SIDS

In the past few decades, scientists have closely studied all the factors that correlate with symptoms of sudden infant death, but the question of the interaction of these factors are stillIt remains open.Potential confounding factors include:

- Sleeping on the stomach.This risk factor is minimal doubt

- Too soft ground co

t.For unknown reasons, the risk of SIDS is very high in children, sleeping on the couch.It is recommended not to use the cushion

- Warm clothes and / or excessive wrapping.Official recommendation of pediatricians, is the use of a blanket bag special night.It should be noted that the supercool kid is not recommended

- Dangerous symptoms have been observed near the baby, his siblings

- Various diseases during pregnancy

- Mother - a loner, do not seek prenatal consultation to experts

- The use by the mother during pregnancy, alcohol, drugs, smoking

- Minimum interval between pregnancies, or in the case of previous miscarriage

- Obstructed or prolonged labor

- In the case of prenatal stress (by slowing down the growth of such children)

-Premature babies

- The inability of the baby to take the breast and bottle feeding

- sleep separately from their parents

- Male gender and age of the baby

Factors associated reduced risk of SIDS

- sucking pacifiers night.According to this statement data are somewhat contradictory, but according to most research results, the use of pacifiers reduces the risk

- Sleeping on the back and in the same room with their parents, rocking the baby

- Proper prenatal care and lack of stress in the expectant mother

- Absenceoverheating the baby during sleep

- No contact with tobacco smoke

- Adequate timely medical care for the baby and breastfeeding

a controversial factor of sudden infant death syndrome include baby sleeping together in the same bed with his mother.Although most of the research and points to an increased risk of SIDS, thus recommended to sleep separately, but please note that the interaction of all the factors studied are not yet fully understood.This is confirmed by the fact that there are cultures where the risk of SIDS is reduced dramatically, although my mother sleeps with the baby in the same bed.In contrast, in other cultures, the average SIDS is dramatically increased if the baby sleeps with his mother in the same bed.Therefore, based on these contradictory observations, we note that the increased risk of sudden infant death syndrome baby as a result of co-sleeping today not fully understood and needs to be further study

hypotheses causes SIDS

There is speculation that SIDS may be caused by- any failure in the autonomic nervous system (associated with serotonin deficiency), and in particular its sections, responsible for the functioning of the heart and breathing.In the eighties of the last century it was born the hypothesis linking the syndrome of sudden death from insufficient development of the respiratory rhythm.Also put forward the assumption of influence of accumulated carbon dioxide in high concentrations.In addition, it is assumed that the development of SIDS is due to the immaturity of the respiratory center in combination with hypothermia, cold and cigarette smoke.Vaccination of risk factors is not attributed

Prevention of sudden infant death syndrome

- The baby should sleep without a pillow on a dense mattress

- Lay the baby must be on the back

- Instead wraps and blankets, to use a special sleeping bag

- Stackbaby to sleep is necessary in his bed, though not necessarily in the same room with parents

- not supercool and do not overheat your baby, as well as too tight it does not swaddle

- In the same room with the child not to smoke

- Fencing baby from exposure to strong smells, light stimuli and strong sounds

- It is advisable for the first four months of life, breast-feed your baby

- Hold the baby massage, gym, to temper his

Unexplained Death unfounded baby - a very difficult challenge for parents and relatives.Fortunately, the numerous studies in this field are beginning to shed at least some light on this phenomenon and the ways in which it is possible to reduce the risk of adverse events.

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