Lice Treatment

lice treatment

pediculosis photo Pediculosis - a parasitic disease of the human skin and hair.In person may infest the head and cootie.This is a very small insects - parasites, which are very annoying bites his (drinking blood) and cause thereby itch, and some even are carriers of diseases such as typhus.The disease is spreading rapidly, but this is especially seen in young children due to the exchange of personal belongings and close contact with the other sisters.Accessibility to all lice are seen behind the ears and at the nape.And attached to the hair shaft small eggs - nits, lice deferred.The incubation period for lice lasts 8-10 days, and of new lice nits appear

Pediculosis reasons

parasites inhabit the skin of the neck and head and start to eat the blood of the host.The cause of the infection acts household contact: sharing combs, barrettes, hats, ribbons, pillows, brushes, towels

Pediculosis symptoms

Patients constantly scratching his head, which affects the appearance of scratching and ski

n irritation.Bites red is very visible on the neck, behind the ears and on the scalp.On these same hair is very noticeable white eggs, resembling dandruff.But one by shaking the eggs do not get rid of lice.If severe form of the disease, the lymph nodes behind the ears can be increased.With advanced forms of bacterial infections occur, epidemic typhus, which flare up in kindergartens and schools.

consequences of human lice bad.Pediculosis in pregnant women can cause miscarriage, and there are deaths from typhus

Pediculosis treatment

There are many treatments and remedies for lice (shampoos, sprays, lotions and oils).For a long time taken out lice chemicals that have a high toxicity, causing dandruff, skin irritation, allergies.And despite their toxicity, they can not completely eliminate the nits and lice get rid of.Due to the hermetic cocoon, nit easy to carry chemical attack, hatch and continued to parasitize.Externally, the problem disappears, but again reminded about themselves after 10 days.

used to treat tools such as Veda, bios, Lauri, Regene Derbe, Medicare, Nittifor, Soraroma BIO, Kincare.After shampooing, dry hair and remove dead lice and eggs special comb with fine teeth - ridge AntiV.This ridge allows to remove all the nits, and eliminate the recurrence of your struggle with head lice will be productive.Laser notching teeth larva destroys nits without damaging the scalp.This procedure was repeated once a week, as the shampoo does not completely destroy the nits.

Consult your family members to examined the head and removed all the egg.Take advantage of this method: Dip your comb in hot vinegar and spend on hair from the roots

lice treatment for children is no different from treating adults.Read the instructions carefully, and avoid contact with the eyes.

treat Vacuuming mattresses, carpets, seats in cars.Upon detection of infections caused by lice, consult a doctor.How to treat lice in such circumstances prompt a doctor.

widely used national lice treatment with essential oils (tea tree, lavender and almonds), mixed together and left on the hair for two hours, and then comb comb for 30 minutes

prevention pediculosis

For the prevention of all family members istreat head and drugs against parasites.Soak the accessories head in alcohol and wash.Perestirayte bedding, furniture covers and towels.

Effective means - is to avoid contact with sick and do not use other people's hair accessories, and is suspected to take preventive measures.

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