hypersalivation photo Hypersalivation (salivation, ptyalism) - is to increase the secretion of the salivary glands, usually observed in children 3-6 months.old.If hypersalivation already evident in older age, this defect is considered to be a disease that brings a lot of discomfort and anxiety.In most cases, this physiological phenomenon connected not with the overproduction of saliva, and observed as a result of violations of reflex swallowing

Hypersalivation - causes of

If hypersalivation in children from three to six months, it is quite a natural phenomenon,after this age is considered a disease of excessive salivation.The cause salivation appear acute inflammatory processes developing in the oral cavity.This is due to the unconditioned reflexes in the human body as a defensive response to the irritation of the mucous membranes.In this case, hypersalivation recognize the signs of a protective reaction of the body, while providing treatment caused her disease is necessary.

hypersalivation usually accompanies the following diseases: cerebral palsy, encephalitis epidemic, disease, Parkinson's disease, side mamniotrofichesky sclerosis, gastric ulcer.In addition, excessive salivation observed in the case of violation of an adequate cerebral circulation and toxemia during pregnancy.Increased secretion of the salivary glands can be caused by ingestion of harmful substances (iodine, lead, mercury), as a result of poisoning caused by them.

Sometimes hypersalivation is false.In such cases, the feelings and the words of the patient increased drooling is present, whereas, after finding out the real reasons is that this phenomenon is not observed

Hypersalivation - symptoms

Drug hypersalivation.Most of influencing salivation drugs cause dry mouth mild / moderate severity.Simultaneously, the side-effects of some drugs manifests itself as excessive salivation.This side effect is observed when taking nitrazepama (while taking this drug impaired swallowing reflex) and lithium.Dose reduction or elimination of the drug dosage often eliminates hypersalivation.

Psychogenic hypersalivation.This type of salivation is very rare, there is no any reason, organic CNS signs are absent.Sometimes this type of salivation is very serious, so that the patient has to carry a tank for collecting saliva.

Hypersalivation at pseudobulbar and bulbar syndromes.Salivating at different degree in their etiology pseudobulbar and bulbar syndrome (degenerative disease, vascular disease, polio, siringobulbiya etc.) Depends on the severity of bulbar disorders themselves.In some cases, excess salivation may be abundant and reach up to 900 ml per day.Patients in these cases is forced to keep his mouth towel or handkerchief.

Hypersalivation for cerebral palsy.This type of disorder is associated with difficulty swallowing saliva as a result of oral muscle incoordination, which greatly complicates the life of patients with this pathology.

Hypersalivation somatic pathology.Increased saliva production is observed after radiotherapy (radiation exposed to the salivary glands) of malignant tumors of the head, at a toxicosis of pregnant women, helminthic infestation, ulcerative stomatitis

Hypersalivation - treatment

Treatment hypersalivation is to identify and then eliminate the source of infection, which provoked the salivary glandsto enhanced operation.In other words, to eliminate the need to treat hypersalivation sure all chronic and acute diseases that can cause excessive salivation.

In treating hypersalivation possible to use drugs with anticholinergic effects, due to which decreases the amount of saliva flow, but there are other unpleasant side effects.To temporarily reduce the copious saliva can receive drugs with atropine.In some cases, a radiation and surgery, but these methods threaten the development of serious complications (caries, facial asymmetry, etc.)

Overcoming hypersalivation symptoms in children

Preliminary work.The child must be taught with closed lips, swallow, drain saliva as in the normal position and with the head thrown back.Before performing each articulation movement of the child must be reminded that you need to swallow saliva.It should be kept under the control of the position of the baby's mouth and at the slightest need to remind him that he does not speak or eat, the mouth should be closed.It is necessary that the child's sense of self emerged differentiated wet and dry chin.During the lessons at regular time intervals to do pauses, suggesting the child swallowing.

main stage.

1. Cryotherapy.This exercise is to alternately applying of a piece of ice located on the contour of the lips of six points (shown in the figure).The duration of holding a piece of ice on the points can range from five seconds to 1 minute.Photo treating hypersalivation

2. Rinse the mouth.Previously verify the absence of the child's allergic reactions carried mouthwash using such medicinal herbs like yarrow, oak bark, infusion of rose hips.In addition, it is phased gargling liquid / thick jelly, yogurt, mineral water.

3. Logopedic massage.In the area of ​​the submandibular fossa during logopaedic massage photo five seconds to make light vibrating motion of the index finger (acupressure).In located under the tongue two points need to simultaneously index and middle fingers to hold acupressure (as shown).The rotational movement should be carried out for no more than ten seconds counterclockwise.

The site clamping jaw bones must be found under the trestle parallel to the ears of the point and do according to points a circular motion index finger clockwise for five minutes (2.5 minutes with your mouth closed tight, 2.5 minutes - a wide open).After that you need to make massage of the soft palate, which is to conduct kneading and stroking movements of the index finger along the midline of the soft and hard palate, from the upper incisors to the most uvuly.

4. chewing solid foods.

5. Dynamic and static articulation and facial exercises:

- Imitation swallowing, chewing and yawning with his head thrown back (simulation of swallowing and chewing recommended to carry out with the mouth closed)

- should be enough to open his mouth wide and in a position to hold it onfor five seconds.Then shut your mouth.During the exercise language should lie quietly in the bottom of the oral cavity

- should keep his lips bubbles out of various drugs, cocktail tubes of different diameters, a strip of paper

- simultaneously inflating both cheeks, and then retract the cheek in the mouth alternately with the serriedlips and open mouth

- inflates and deflates alternate cheeks (4-5 reps)

- Pre tongue turning straw, suck air through the opening

6. The activation of muscles with a meat ball or honey.On the tip of the tongue to put bread ball and make the effort to swallowing.Drip on the tip of the tongue a drop of honey, then the language to do reciprocating motion.

7. Breathing exercises.In a tall glass not pour water to the brim, and then take a straw for the juice (each time different thickness) and blow into it, making sure that the child does not lighten up.

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