dyslexia photo Dyslexia is a specific learning infringement by its nature neurological areas.It is characterized by the inability to quickly and accurately recognize words, decode, as well as to develop spelling skills. all these difficulties associated with underdevelopment of the phonological component of language.These difficulties exist for the preservation of other cognitive abilities, as well as full training conditions.Secondary, there are signs - a violation related to a misunderstanding of the text deficit reading experience and dictionary.

in Russia used two approaches to determine dyslexia is educational, clinical and psychological.By teaching understood in part as well as a specific violation of the reading caused by the violation of mental functions, and characterized by the repetition of mistakes.

Under the clinical and psychological approach refers to specific reading disorders, while having an intellectual level, as well as abnormalities in speech development, in the absence of dis

turbances in the auditory and the visual analyzer, and the presence of the optimal learning environment.One of the main advocates violation of the inability to master slogosliyaniem and automated reading of whole words that are often accompanied by a lack of reading comprehension.It is believed that the basis of disorders blame specific cerebral processes, a functional basis the skill of reading.

Dyslexia Greek means the negation of the positive meaning of the word and speech.It is characterized by an impaired ability to learn selective reading, as well as the letter in the presence of learning ability.

What comes first to mind when one first hears this diagnosis?In some problems associated with dyslexia in reading, writing and spelling.Other dyslexia seems to inversion of words and letters, and individuals associated with dyslexia behind the program.But unanimously confer dyslexia learning disability.But the real problem is the inability to learn one of the faces of dyslexia.

now dwell on the positive aspects of dyslexia.It is now widely available information about that success did not pass through life dyslexics.Their prosperity was possible due to dyslexia.These people include Hans Christian Andersen, Albert Einstein, Tom Cruise, Leonardo da Vinci.

Many parents are concerned about such a strange diagnosis and puzzled, because the baby curious to understand the technology, we developed a procedure for fantasy, and in some parameters even goes advancing peers.Yet something causes problems in interpersonal communication with classmates.The child prefers adult society.School realities disappoint you and your child.Son does not want to read the Russian language is not his strong point.The child on the shoulder, mathematics, and the solution of everyday situations leads to a deadlock.Additional classes do not allow changes.You panic and seek the help of a speech therapist, a psychologist, as well as a child psychiatrist, but all in vain.

The child has dyslexia, and he sees the world through different eyes, development of figurative thinking.Your child, immersed in a world of images, perceive them as existing reality

Dyslexia - Causes

are the following causes of dyslexia, as well as difficulties in mastering reading: vision defects, mental retardation, hearing defects, neurobiological factors (area of ​​the brain indiseased functionally less active, and detect changes in the structure of the brain tissue), a hereditary factor.

the term dyslexia literally understand the difficulties in reading and writing.In the Russian speech therapy as a violation of the letter diagnose dysgraphia or disorfografiya.The very same dyslexia as a result of neurobiological features not related to mental disorders.

In other areas of its activity the child is able to demonstrate outstanding abilities.He can excel in sports, music, art, mathematics, and physics

Dyslexia - Symptoms

symptoms of dyslexia are: slow reading by syllables and spell;I guess reading a number of errors in the form of substitutions and permutations of letters;awareness of the meaning of reading material is broken in different sequences.All the talk about the symptoms of disorientation.

term dyslexia was introduced ophthalmologist Rudolf Berlin in 1887.The term was used with respect to the boys who experience difficulties in learning to read and learning to write, and the children had intellectual abilities in other areas.

In 1925, neurologist Samuel Orton studied this phenomenon and put forward the theory of existence of the syndrome, which is not linked to brain damage.Orton said that the problems in reading have no connection with visual impairment.According to his theory, this condition is caused by hemispheric asymmetry in the brain.The theory is often challenged by scientists to believe that the main cause of the disease are the sorts of problems that have arisen because of the visual perception.

Since 1949, the problem of dyslexia depth Klement became involved in Laune.She studied anomaly in adults suffering from this disease since childhood.

Her research on dyslexia has established the possibility for these people to read the text from left to right as well as right to left.Only 10% of suffering from dyslexia, reading speed from right to left identified above.Results for dyslexia pointed to changes in the field of view, caused in turn the perception of a word as a whole and meaningful, and not as a set of important letters.

Since the 1970s put forward the theory that dyslexia is the result of defects in favor of phonological and metafonologicheskogo development.At present, this theory is welcomed in the West

diagnosis of dyslexia Dyslexia

hard to be diagnostic.During cognitive testing revealed the level of reading and comparison with the others to read.Indicators reading recorded and the time of diagnosis of dyslexia make notes specifically, where the reading impaired.If other tests investigated a rumor, and a child's ability to play it.Revealed the diagnosis of perception of information: oral (conversation), or tactile (perception through the hands).In conclusion, the study summarizes and analyzes which system works best in a child.

important condition during diagnosis - the child must remain in a good mood and did not speculate about the study.To do this, choose a form of the game.Prior to the testing of the baby should sleep to be well fed.Before the start of the diagnosis of dyslexia, talk with your child, explain who will come and why.Parents are not present during testing specialists.

There are a number of problems that belongs to each dyslexic.

Symptoms of dyslexia:

- delay in reading, writing, memorizing spelling

- disorientation and disorganization

- difficulty with the perception of information

- difficulty with word recognition, as well as a lack of understanding of what wasread

- clumsiness and incoordination

- the presence of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder with presence)

Dyslexia Correction

treatment, and dyslexia is not subject to correction in the conventional sense of the word.As a neurobiological feature may slightly help your child cope with the complexities involved in dyslexia, but it did not heal all.

correction of dyslexia carried out by the method developed by Ronald D. Davis.The purpose of techniques to give the printed word imagery.Knowing that patients respond well to the three-dimensional images, so rearrange them pretty hard.Through techniques printed words are transformed into figures of speech and no longer pose a problem for dyslexics

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