Entrapment of the sciatic nerve

Entrapment of the sciatic nerve

pinched nerve photos Entrapment of the sciatic nerve - lasting severe pain, observed in the course of the sciatic nerve.Two of the sciatic nerve - is the largest nerve in the human body, which emerges from the pelvis down the back of the thigh down, and then divided into two branches: the tibial and peroneal nerves.It is because of this pain is often applied to the entire lower extremity .In the event of a nagging pain in the back of the thighs, buttocks, lower leg or foot, should be wary, as this may be the first sign of inflammation of the sciatic nerve.Normally, jamming occurs on the one hand (bilateral involvement is extremely rare), and if not taken during the action, the pain is starting to grow, becoming a sharp, strong, and hardly

Entrapment of the sciatic nerve - causes of

most frequentcause of pinching the sciatic nerve - intervertebral hernia.For information: intervertebral hernia - loss elastic intervertebral spacers outside of the spinal column, which is in the no

rmal range does not allow the injured vertebrae due to friction against each other.However, as a consequence of regular physical activity, age, or discs (intervertebral spacers) lose their cushioning ability decreases their elasticity and they are covered with a mesh of minor injuries.Sometimes there are gaps drives going beyond the spine.This can lead to denial of spinal nerve roots extending from the spinal cord.A sciatic nerve just formed from the upper and lower lumbar sacral nerves, so when the infringement pain also arise in the course of the sciatic nerve itself.

second common reason for sciatic nerve is pinched - low back pain, which develops as a result of violations of metabolic processes occurring in the bone tissue of the vertebrae.With age, the blood supply to the bones of the vertebrae deteriorates significantly, thereby leading to the growth of bone tissue.These growths (osteophytes) appearance reminiscent of the spikes which then injure the spinal nerves.

addition inflammation and pinching the sciatic nerve can be triggered by the following factors: a variety of spinal injuries, increased physical activity, hypothermia and lumbar sacral areas, squeezing the nerve tissue developed from his tumor, various diseases (abscesses, diabetes, etc.).

In old age, the disease is most typical for women, which is associated with the onset of menopause (often in this period there is weight gain, thereby increasing the load on the spine).Entrapment of the sciatic nerve in men quite often and quite successfully disguised as prostatitis, causing a feeling of heaviness in the back of the thigh and similar sensations of pain.

also irritation of the sciatic nerve can cause a variety of chemicals that are produced by the body and is it a response to injury of the lower back, including a simple drop pinched sciatic nerve photos

Entrapment of the sciatic nerve - signs

Symptoms pinching the sciatic nerve bytheir expressions can be absolutely diverse.In some people the disease can occur with painful sensations of low intensity, with a gradual increase in symptoms and complications;in others the opposite syndrome occurs with very severe pain.Most often the pain of pinching the sciatic nerve occurs mostly on one side.Also, based on the degree of infestation of the nerve roots of the lumbar plexus, the pain may be localized in both the buttocks and give to your fingers, foot or lower leg.In addition to pain, often there may be tingling or numbness.

main symptoms of entrapment of the sciatic nerve:

- enhanced by sitting a pain in the back of the affected leg

- The burning and / or tingling in the lower leg

- Complication or petrification, painful movement in the leg

-Almost does not pass the pain across the back of the leg

- is complicated by the presence in the upright pain shooting character

addition, we note that the pinching of the sciatic nerve pain in the back may be accompanied by pain in the leg, although by their nature they are not as intense.Also, symptoms of the disease is directly related to the current stage of the nerve roots.

vast majority of patients with pinching the sciatic nerve point out that leg pain significantly enhanced by laughing, sneezing and coughing.In addition, if this illness is observed muscle weakness due subordination sciatic nerve of the overwhelming majority of the lower extremity muscles Diagnosis of sciatica photo

Entrapment of the sciatic nerve - treatment

Treatment pinched sciatic nerve, like most other diseases is possible in two ways - conservative and operative.

Conservative treatment is the application of drugs;observance of rest (should be possible to limit any movement);alternation of heat and cold in the affected area;the use of manual therapy and other alternative therapies.

most commonly used treatment for pinched sciatic nerve is a drug blockade of the affected area with the help of painkillers, with the further appointment of anti-inflammatory drugs.

quite well in the treatment of this disease have proven to various physical therapy techniques: magnetic;phonophoresis and electrophoresis with medical drugs;UHF-therapy;applications with paraffin.Physiotherapy treatment reduces pain, improves blood circulation, reduces swelling and promotes the heating of the affected area.If after all of these procedures the pain continues to grow rather than subside, for their removal can assign short course of steroid hormones (Prednisolone, etc.), Which are fast enough nerve relieve swelling and inflammation.

In that case, if the cause of pinched sciatic nerve lies in pressure on the spinal nerve roots, the patient is shown wearing a supportive corset by which reduces the load on the spine.

Important!When pinching the sciatic nerve is strictly contraindicated massage and chiropractic, as this can seriously degrade and so is not very joyful situation.

In the absence of positive dynamics in the treatment by conservative methods, have to resort to surgery, during which the cause pinching of the sciatic nerve is removed radically

Exercises such as pinching the sciatic nerve

After recovering useful exercise is particularly necessary, but onlythose in which the load is evenly distributed on both sides of the body (light jogging, walking, swimming, leisurely skiing).In addition, there are special exercises ideal for all patients in remission.However, be aware that if a pinched sciatic nerve triggered by a herniated disc, select the range of physical therapy is necessary, together with your doctor physiotherapy sciatica

People's treatment of pinching the sciatic nerve

Traditional medicine offers the recipe for a successful treatment of pinching the sciatic nerve:

-Tincture of bay leaf.It should take 18 medium-sized bay leaves, pour 200 ml of good vodka, insist 3 days in a cool dark place.After that time, the infusion must be massaged rubbed into the sacrum.After four treatments already observed positive effect

- Tincture of potato sprouts.It is necessary to take a 200-gram hollow glass sprouts potatoes, fill it with 500 ml of good vodka, insist in a dark place for at least two weeks.After the expiry of this period, the resulting tincture to rub into the sore area every morning, and then apply a warm cloth on top, and so go into the evening

- cakes with honey.Mix a tablespoon of honey and 200 grams of flour (without adding water) to form a cake.Make cake impose on the sacral area before bed, cover with cellophane and strengthen woolen scarf.By morning the pain goes

- tincture of eucalyptus leaves.It should be 2 tbsp.tablespoons dried crushed eucalyptus leaves pour 200 ml of good vodka and infuse for seven days in a dark place, then strain and use as a grinding

folk remedies and treatments pinching the sciatic nerve is a great many, but they should be used only after consultation with the doctor.

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