neurosis photo Neurosis derives its name from the Greek and means a nerve.Synonyms are the neurotic disorders and psychoneurosis.The collective name of a group of functional disorders of nerve psychogenic disorder (hysterical neurosis, neurasthenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder) tend to be long duration.The clinical picture of these disorders is asthenic, obsessive and hysterical symptoms. for diseases characterized by reduced mental and physical performance.The term neurosis in medical terminology introduced since 1776 Scottish physician William Cullen

reasons neuroses

important factor causing neuroses are the human conflicts, both internal and external.The external effects refer to certain circumstances which cause psychological trauma plan as well as prolonged emotional stress and affect the intellectual sphere of the psyche.

Neurosis - is the norm nowadays, and it is firmly entrenched in our lives since Freud.There is now no question of the authenticity of its existence, there is a quest

ion in relation to his human state (neurosis) and mental problems.Some magnify their suffering and ennoble them, finding in them a meaning.Others suffer from them all my life, and try to keep them to ignore, or in their own interpreted, but most run away from them in a job or a religion, in another person, in fantasy, in illness, alcohol and so forgotten.

Neurosis dates back to the functional disorders of the nervous system that is caused by the acute and longitudinal stressful factors.Causes of neuroses - fatigue, environmental fatigue, effects of radiation, serious illness.

I.I.Pavlov neurosis characterized as a chronic disease in violation of higher nervous activity, which arose after a surge in the cerebral cortex.

Other psychoanalytic theory of neurosis is considered, as well as its symptoms result of deep psychological conflict.It is believed that this conflict arises in a social situation and this situation hinders the satisfaction of basic needs, as well as a danger or threat to the future of man, which he is trying, but no it can not be overcome or changed.

Sigmund Freud believed that the origin of neurosis obliged controversy arose because of instinctual drive (Ono) and the prohibition of the superego.This prohibition is morality and the laws of morality, which are incorporated into a person from childhood.

Karen Horney argued that neurosis stands protected from the adverse social factors.It can be humiliating, parental controls love, social isolation, neglect, and the aggressive behavior of parents towards the child.In order to somehow protect themselves, the child has formed a kind of protection from the people, then the movement of the people and against the people.The movement of people favor the need for freedom, independence, away from people.The movement of people includes a need for love, submission, defense.The motion against the people is the need of the glory in the triumph of the people themselves, the success, recognition;to independently cope with life and be strong.

Every neurotic there all three types, but only one is dominant, so people suffering from neurosis are divided into separate, subordinate and aggressive.

Today distinguish psychological factors of development of neuroses, which are defined as features and conditions of the individual, as well as education, the level of claims and the relationship with society;and biological factors, which are understood as functional failure of certain neurophysiological and neurotransmitter systems that make sick susceptible to psychogenic influences

signs of neurosis

main criteria, as well as features which distinguish neurosis are: psychogenic factors of occurrence, as well asdecompensation of disease manifestations, lack of psychotic symptoms, absence of dementia, the growth of personality changes, painful nature of psychopathology, a critical attitude to his patient

Neurosis - symptoms

neurotic disorders pronounced symptoms: presence of cynicism, without apparent reasonemotional distress, indecision, problems in communication, down or inflated self-esteem, experiencing feelings of anxiety, phobias, panic disorder, anxiety, waiting for an alarm event, panic attacks, the uncertainty in the value system, as well as contradictions in the preferences and life desires and conflicting ideas about themselvesabout life, about others.

neurosis Symptoms include mood instability and frequent and sharp volatility, irritability;high sensitivity to stress, manifested in frustration or aggression;for symptoms of neurosis characterized by tearfulness, preoccupation with traumatic situations, vulnerability, resentment, anxiety.During the attempt to work nevrosteniki tired quickly, they decreased attention, memory, thinking ability;they are very sensitive to loud noises, temperature changes, bright light.Photo neuroses

Neurosis also includes symptoms such as sleep disorder, a person often difficult to sleep because perevozbuzhdёnnosti;his sleep surface, very disturbing and not bringing any relief;as is often observed in the morning drowsiness.

Characteristic of neurosis and physical symptoms: headaches and heartaches, often observed fatigue, chronic fatigue, abdominal pain, decreased performance (emotional burnout), there VVD (vegetative-vascular dystonia), dizziness and darkeningby pressure changes in the eyes, disturbances in the vestibular apparatus: difficulties in coordinating movements on balance, frequent dizziness, eating disorders (bulimia - overeating or malnutrition - anorexia);hunger and at the same time very fast satiety during meals;insomnia, bad dreams, hypochondria - taking care of their health, psychological feeling and experiencing physical pain (psychogenic pain).

Neurosis has such autonomic symptoms: sweating, jumps in blood pressure, palpitations, disturbances of the stomach, cough, frequent urination, decreased libido, diarrhea, decreased potency

Treatment of neuroses

set of methods and techniques for the treatment of neuroses help to copewith this disease.In the treatment of neuroses successfully use psychotherapy and in more severe cases medication.

doctor's opinion is that it is advisable to patient awareness of their contradictions, to build a more accurate picture of his personality.The main task of psychotherapy advocates help the patient in recognizing the relationships that have defined the development of neurosis.It will result in therapy if the patient really sootneset his experience with the situation, because they come into conflict, and disease is manifested.

is important to attract the attention of the sick to his own subjective experiences, as well as to external conditions of the social environment.

But Karen Horney claimed that some realizations contradictions strongly enough, it is very important to create a therapeutic environment that will change the personality and allow her to forget neurotic ways of protection from the outside world

color diagnosis of neuroses

Neurosis person diagnosedwith repeated repetition of preference in the following colors (gray, purple, black, brown).

colors, rejected by the patient in hysterical syndrome - red and purple.

neuroses Treatment includes a variety of methods.These include all possible physical activity - exercise (aerobics, swimming, jogging, brisk walking).All this stimulates the heart and enriches it with oxygen.Physical Classes are held 5 times a week for 15 minutes.

Treatments include tsvetaterapiyu neuroses.Properly chosen color for the brain - it is useful, like vitamins for the body.To quench at anger, irritation - avoid red.At the time of the onset of a bad mood exclude from the wardrobe of black, dark blue tone, surround yourself with bright and warm tones.For stress relief, see blue and green tones.Change the wallpaper at home, choose the appropriate decorations.

effective treatments neurosis find music therapy, which is selected according to the mood, then the music changed in the direction of the desired change of mood.So I advised Bekhterev.Strong effect and good result gives simple music - songs, romances.French researchers are advised to use as the mechanism of action music.First, we define a melody that is responsible for the state of mind at the moment.Next selected melody that can resist the action of the first composition, neutralizing it.When choosing the second melodies are guided by the fact that it is airy, bright;giving, desired comfort and offer hope.When choosing a third composition selected music from the greatest force for emotional impact.Music should be dynamic, self supporting, will and therapy neuroses photo

methods include the treatment of neuroses and gastronomic approach.Deliver indulge with food.Carbohydrates in cakes, sweets good comfort.The desired result and gives the protein foods (seafood, chicken, veal, beef), but avoid to use coffee, strong tea, the drink "Coca-Cola" and the like.There is a direct connection to the great reception of these drinks and anxiety, depression, and irritability

People's treatment of neurosis

In the event of fatigue and exhaustion, try grape juice every two hours for 2 tablespoons.spoons, effective salted fish in small quantities, and the broth warm potatoes with the peel.Prepare dessert: in a glass of hot milk, one egg yolk and sugar.Drink hot.

chopped walnuts, mix with honey, take a teaspoon up to three times a month.

The diet must be iodine-containing foods: fruits irgi, feijoa, seaweed.

During nervous excitement and insomnia, tearfulness, or take up to 15 drops of valerian.Take a bath of decoction of valerian root.To do this, take 60 grams of the root, boil 15 minutes, allow to stand for 1 hour, strain and pour into the tub.The duration of the bath is not more than 15 minutes.

evening take a tincture of the herb motherwort for a month, and at night, drink a glass of hot milk;it is recommended to sleep on a cushion, stuffed with wormwood, and hop cones.

People's treatment of neurosis involves a lot of money, that improve sleep, mood change, thus relieving stress and irritability.

Anyone can pick up a potential treatment for neuroses herbs.

For example, one item.a spoonful of bean trefoil herb, valerian root, peppermint leaves boiled water, then insist, strain and drink 100 ml to 2 times a day a month.

If restless sleep, general weakness, neurasthenia be ill teaspoon herb verbena fill the cup of boiling water, then insist hour, taking small sips throughout the day.

good effect from the dried leaves of cucumber herbs, pour 2 tablespoons of boiling water, insist, strain, add sugar and drink throughout the day, we are treated per month.

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