agrammatism photo agrammatism - a speech disorder, which manifests itself in difficulties in the construction and the perception of offerings.People suffering from this disorder of speech, the brain vulnerable to damage in the Sylvian fissure.Agrammatism translated from the Greek as a lack of quality or trait. this term is used with respect to reading and writing.Agrammatism adults appear in a variety of forms of aphasia (speech disorder characterized by loss when using phrases and words as an expression of thought).

agrammatism in children occurs in the earliest stages of the development of speech and hearing impairment.This phenomenon manifests itself in speech and writing.

agrammatism reasons

First of all, the causes include abnormalities in brain activity triggered by a variety of diseases and disorders and changes in the peripheral part of the auditory analyzer.Often the disease susceptible hearing impaired, mentally retarded children with undeveloped speech.

agrammatism symptoms

All symptoms are directly dependent on the degree of the disease, which manifest deficiencies in phonemic structure of speech and vocabulary.

agrammatism symptoms manifested in the fact that children begin to speak much later than expected.The emergence of phrase speech occurs after 2-3 or even 4 years.These kids are often filled agrammatisms characterized by incorrect application of grammatical forms.

Often parents do not pay attention to the disturbances in the speech of the baby.They soothe the point that zvukoproiznoshenija OK, and then the child over time, they believe, to learn how to negotiate the phrase.Such a child can successfully master the program of the first class, including reading and writing, as well as to learn the sound structure of words.However, the child faces insurmountable difficulties in mastering the principles of morphological letters.And only after that, in a state of bewilderment, parents are turning to specialists (speech therapist, neurologist).The teacher almost immediately discovers that a child can not afford to learn the rules of declension words in childbirth, case, number.It is noted in the harmonization of the wrong words, and writing the endings of words.Schoolboy writes agrammatichno (contrary to the rules of grammar).For example, a "long belt", "in the window."

skills according to age properly align the words of a child must by 4 th year.And in this age of errors in the speech are not the norm.If your child makes mistakes like "around a table", "tree", you need to consult a specialist.

regard to the rules of word formation with prefixes and suffixes, the child masters these skills much later, to the age of 7-8.At the age of 7-8 years the student must agree on the word to each other and form new words.If this does not happen, then agrammatism diagnosed in children.

agrammatism children of school age are found immediately upon entering the school.The children observed defects in pronunciation, unformed lexical and grammatical structure, phonemic perception, as well as a coherent speech.

agrammatism in children 7-8 years manifested most clearly.During this period the children have possession of a diploma, as well as beginning to learn the rules of grammar.The prerequisites for this serves the poverty of vocabulary.And studies show that precisely because of the poverty of vocabulary, as well as discrepancies in the understanding of the lexical meaning of the words that the violation occurs.

types agrammatism

neurologist, neurologists, reflexologist identify two main types agrammatism.It is impressive and expressive agrammatism agrammatism speech disorders.

Impressive agrammatism marked full and partial violation of understanding the meaning of grammatical constructions perceived speech.

expressive agrammatism is a violation of grammatical processing of active speech.Expressive agrammatism characterized by misuse of cases, prepositions, declensions.

agrammatism examples

agrammatism type telegraphic style - a syntactic aphasia.This type of disorder sometimes runs in isolation, it often happens with motor difficulties.To localize the characteristic concentration close to Broca's area responsible for speech reproduction.This area of ​​the cortex goal.the brain that controls muscle tongue, face, jaw, throat, located in the lower frontal lobe of the head.Ill with this form of aphasia is almost no difficulties in updating the automated series and the naming of these series.Patients are able to repeat certain words, but if repeated proposals make grammatical errors.Defects speech most clearly observed in the speech of the patients.

Examples of the most severe forms of agrammatism include a series of nominations: "... that's fallen ... and that's ... that's ... ... surgery anesthesia ... and then ... emptiness ... that woke up" ... less severe form is characterized by inadequate construction proposals.At the same time the name of the first acts animate noun, then all nouns are used in random or nominative plural nouns.

Examples agrammatism "The girl went to school";"My grandmother read the newspaper";"The dog ... chicken ... was carrying," "I went away ... go away."The last example clearly shows the order of words in a variety of semantic roles.This shows the construction of the rules of semantic syntax statements.

The following difficulties in speech perception:

- shortness of perception offers.For example, "The cat pursues a dog" is perceived worse than "cat drinking milk";

- shortness of perception offers a basic arrangement of words that deviate from the standard;

- labored perception of the proposals that have a complex syntactic structure in comparison with the more simple sentences.

Symptoms agrammatism detected after the experiment, which is associated with the perception of speech.In the experiment, the subject show pictures, with appropriate proposals.

agrammatism in a speech marked by poverty and simplicity of the diversity of syntactic structure of sentences, as well as the lack of full proposals.The disorder is characterized by omitting function words, which include prepositions, articles, auxiliary verbs and pronouns.

agrammatism in a speech followed by a low rate of speech.Psychologists explain this phenomenon in terms of adaptation: trying to fit a patient's own speech impairments, is the slow process of its processing, and also hindered the creation of proposals with uncharacteristic word order.

agrammatism children in question are explained by different approaches.There is a hypothesis remove traces suggesting that the speech disorder when agrammatism includes their disappearance associated with the processing of proposals.Hypothesis display notes violations of the mechanism of interpretation of syntactic structures in terms of semantic roles themselves.It is also believed that violations occur with a reduction of available memory.

Treatment includes special techniques designed to allow children and adults to recover the ability to apply the grammatical structure of the language.The forecast for the future depends on the primary disease process, as well as the depth of the speech disorders and early diagnosis of the disease.

agrammatism How to treat?The good effect gives a comprehensive treatment, including speech therapy classes, logopaedic massage, reflexology microcurrent.All treatment regimens prescribed individually, taking into account the characteristics of each patient delay.The treatment course consists of at least 15 sessions.

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