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SARS Prevention

prevention of SARS photos SARS Prevention - a complex of measures aimed at avoiding contact with healthy human respiratory viruses, as well as to improve the functioning of the immune system.Infektsionistu taken to distinguish between all the activities aimed at protection against viruses, aiming to classic and prevention.

Under classical SARS prevention implied course taking immunomodulatory drugs, and antiviral effect against the background of well-being and the absence of signs of disease.The best time for taking the drugs is to increase the level of incidence of SARS.

Sighting prevention also implies acceptance of drugs immunostimulatory and antiviral effect, but at a time when a person is already there are signs of SARS.The main purpose of the sighting of SARS prevention is to reduce the duration and intensity of the clinical symptoms, as well as minimizing the risk of complications.

Prevention of SARS in children

Unfortunately, the universal means to protect the child from any viral dise

ase does not exist, due to the poly etiology of SARS.However, there are a number of measures that can reduce the risk of developing the disease.These results can be achieved by applying the prevention of viruses entering the body of the child, as well as by strengthening the immune system, allowing to resist infection.

There is a certain dependence of the risk of SARS on the age of the child.Thus, prevention of SARS hit the newborn provided protective antibodies contained in breast milk, provided that the mother does not suffer from SARS.Currently, the disease SARS mother is not an indication for termination of breastfeeding, since in such circumstances the child a better chance for a speedy recovery.

Another situation observed among newborn babies who are bottle-fed, in respect of which from an early period must be carried out SARS disease prevention.

pediatrician-sharing measures adopted for the prevention of SARS in the exposition, implying the prevention of the child's contact with the source of the causative virus and the disposition to improve the body's resistance individual child.

When SARS main and perhaps the only source of infection is a sick man, therefore, the greater the number of persons affected by SARS, will be in contact with a healthy child, the higher the risk of developing the disease.In addition to the home, such close contacts of the child can be observed in the kindergarten, school, public transport, so in a period of high incidence of child should be shielded from communicating with a large number of persons.

In addition, during the outbreaks of SARS is highly undesirable attending pediatrician in the clinic as a prophylactic measure, and if there is an urgent need, should be invited to the doctor.

virus, triggers the development of SARS include adenoviruses and enteroviruses, which in addition to droplet transmission method can be transmitted through the water, so baby during outbreaks should not use the pool.

There are also mechanisms barrier preventing SARS, the use of which is based on creating a barrier between the virus and the "gates of infection."Such barrier method relates primarily wearing gauze bandages, provided their correct use.For example, wear a mask SARS patients must face in contact with the healthy, and not vice versa.You should also frequently change the mask, because its effectiveness decreases rapidly after two hours of use, after which it accumulates a large concentration of viral particles.As the decontamination procedures can be viewed otutyuzhivanie washing and masks, although it is better to use disposable counterparts.

viral particles for a long time can save not only their livelihoods but also the infectivity in the dry and hot climate, and therefore for the prevention of SARS should be at least five times a day to ventilate the nursery.

to effective and at the same time safe methods of preventing SARS in children is the use of essential oils, which contribute to decontaminate the air and at the same time have a normalizing effect on the psycho-emotional sphere of the child.

as nonspecific prevention of SARS in children as a component of dispositional prevention, applies normalization of eating behavior, respect for the work and rest, tempering, engaging in sports.Special attention is given vitamin.

normalization of eating behavior assumes that the child's balanced diet and an additional fortifying foods.The daily diet of the child during the SARS outbreaks must contain a sufficient amount of dairy products, normalize the activity of the intestine, which refers to the organs of the immune system.Everyone is familiar with the fact that bacteria overgrowth triggers a malfunction of the immune apparatus of the child.

In addition, children's resilience to the effects of SARS virus contribute to tempering procedures, subject to all the rules of hardening.

golden rule of hardening is the regularity of its performance, irrespective of the season.The scope and duration of the tempering procedure depends on the age of the child, but the upper limit is considered to be 20 minutes.As tempering procedures can be used air and sun baths, rubbing and pouring.Home use air baths should be laid from the first days after birth, since this type of tempering procedures is easiest.Among the positive effects of fresh air should be noted: improve immunity, improve appetite and stimulate metabolism.

Prevention of SARS in adults

Currently, the urbanization of the population occurs throughout the world and each person daily contact with many people, so 100% protect from the virus is almost impossible.However, keep in mind that each person can be a carrier of the virus particles.

reduce the possibility of respiratory viruses such as can be, and it is enough to observe some recommendations infectious disease.Thus, during the SARS outbreaks every healthy person is necessary to minimize contact with other people.

SARS viruses are transmitted not only by airborne droplets way, but contact-household, of great importance in the prevention of disease is hygiene, for example, need to monitor the cleanliness of hands and further process them with antiseptic.

In a situation where a person has no opportunity to wash hands frequently, you should limit the contact of hands and face, as in the hands of the virus particles remain livelihoods for half an hour, and the eyes, nose and mouth are potential "gateway for viruses."

Required SARS prevention in adults include maintaining temperature in the room where there is a large number of people, as well as providing moisture.In such circumstances, the livelihoods of SARS virus is greatly reduced.

as individual protective measures should be considered frequent rinsing the oral and nasal cavities with salt solutions which promote mucosal hydration, thereby minimizing the activity of viral particles.

most natural way to increase the body's defenses is to comply with the rules of a healthy lifestyle, consisting in a full night's sleep, balanced nutrition, adequate physical activity, avoiding stressful situations.

Along with compliance with the rules on the content of the dwelling clean and high humidity, a person needs to increase the drinking regime, because plenty of fluids helps to moisturize the mucous membranes increased.

During outbreaks of SARS as a non-specific prevention experts recommend vitamin therapy with primary use of vitamins C and B.

The natural immune defenders should include foods such as garlic, cranberries and citrus fruits, the use of which enhances the body's resistanceSARS.

increase resistance to SARS also promotes use of certain pharmaceuticals, however, their use as SARS prevention in adults is permitted only under medical supervision.

Vaccination with SARS is rarely used, to a greater extent, this measure is used in the prevention of influenza.In recent years, cases of uncontrolled reception immunostimuljatorov plant, which with their own security provoking depression of the immune system, which is often the cause of exacerbation of chronic diseases.

deserves special attention the prevention of SARS during pregnancy, because there are critical periods during which the viruses can negatively affect fetal development.All women in the period of gestation there is a physiological immune processes slow down, resulting in even minimal contact with the virus particles with SARS may provoke the development of full clinical symptoms.

Of course, in any period of pregnancy is not desirable to be ill SARS, however, the first trimester is the most dangerous.Infection of women in this period of SARS virus can cause the development of fetal anomalies, and even death.As preventive measures should be used to prevent non-specific events, while the prevention of drug use may negatively affect a child's development.

drugs for the prevention of SARS

Modern medicine for the prevention of SARS are used to increase the body's defenses, as well as to create a kind of barrier to the penetration of pathogenic respiratory viruses.

Currently, all the joint efforts of pharmacologists, and virologists are devoted to the development of generic drug, which can be used as a preventive measure for all forms of etiological of SARS.

latest development pharmaceutical companies is Alguire active substance is a polymeric form rimantadine.Because Alguire is a polymeric drug, its pharmacological effect of different from those of rimantadine.Due to its composition of low molecular weight sodium alginate modified enhanced absorbent and detoxifying properties of the drug, resulting in enhanced its antitoxic activity.To use Algirema prophylactically with SARS requires assigning it to a much smaller dosage, as compared with rimantadine, for example due to the fact that this drug increased circulation time in plasma.With this tolerance Algirema patients is very good, and the risk of side effects is minimal.

tablets for the prevention of SARS should be taken prior to the start of the disease, and in a situation when the patient already has symptoms of the disease, the use of the drug significantly reduces the duration of the clinical manifestations.

Algirema Application as a preventive measure to minimize the risk of SARS etiopathogenetic any form, and the lack of side effects makes it possible to use it even in pediatrics.The course of prophylactic use is 15 days to 30 mg per day orally in the form of a syrup.

in pediatric Anaferon widely used as a drug prevention of SARS.The use of this drug preventively to reduce the intensity of the symptoms of SARS, as well as their duration, which can be considered as prevention of complications.Immunomodulatory properties Anaferon manifested in stimulating cellular immunity, help cleanse the body from viral particles.

Furthermore, when receiving Anaferon marked increase in human lymphocytic cell functional activity, reflected in their ability to enhance the production of interferon.In carrying out randomized trials involving large numbers of children of different age groups have not been registered any side effects, allowing you to name the drug is absolutely safe for the child.Prophylactic efficacy Anaferon is 70-80%, especially in young age period.Drug prevention ARI in infants is usually carried out using Anaferon scheme 1 tablet 1 time per day, dissolved in milk.

To prevent the development of complications postgrippoznyh, as well as to reduce the frequency of exacerbations of chronic diseases, normalization of immunological parameters used Arbidol.This drug has a pronounced antiviral effect against coronavirus infection, which allows its use as a prophylactic agent in the form of the etiopathogenetic SARS.The course of prophylactic administration of two weeks at a dose of 0.2 g

Immunal includes preparations of plant origin, which contains a lot of biologically active substances, relating to the non-specific immune stimulant.The main active components is tsikorienovaya immunala acid alkylamides and hydrophilic polysaccharides.The mechanism of stimulation of immunity is to enhance bone marrow cell hematopoiesis with enhanced mitotic index, as well as increasing phagocytic monocytes.

in 2003, when it was developed Immunal, pharmacologists, together with infectious diseases was carried out large-scale randomized trial on the subject of its preventive activity.The result allowed the infectious disease practitioners as pharmacological prophylactic efficacy Immunal against SARS virus was 70%.The incidence of complicated forms of acute respiratory viral infections at the same time reduced by 30%.

Portability Immunal in various age categories good, provided that the correct receiving mode and dosage (20 drops three times a day rate 1 month).

Another herbal preparation, which is used as a preventive measure when SARS is Karmolis, which is based on a set of essential oils.The fundamental properties Karmolis is antiseptic, virusingibiruyuschee and tonic, an immunomodulating effect on the body.

index prophylactic efficacy Karmolis during outbreaks of SARS is not less than 60%, and after a long course of treatment with the drug is noted increase in this index.In addition, the reception Karmolis in preventive dose of 0.5 ml allows to halve the risk of complicated forms of SARS.

Oral IFN shape that represents liposomal formulation of recombinant interferon is widely used as a prophylactic agent of SARS due to the fact that it is easy to use and ensures prolonged presence of interferon in the blood circulation and cause increased production of endogenous interferon.

Reception reaferon EU within one month under the scheme: twice a week 500 000 units has a pronounced preventive effect of reducing the incidence of SARS in 2,2 times.This drug is well tolerated by patients, that along with the expressed preventive activity can be recommended for the prevention of SARS.

Among all drugs with antiviral activity, occupy most of the chemically synthesized drugs, for lack of which should be attributed to their high toxicity and the appearance of adverse reactions.In this regard, all efforts aimed at finding pharmacologists immunotropic agents with pronounced antiviral activity, devoid of side reactions.

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