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Boil photo boil - it is an acute inflammatory process pyonecrotic nature that starts at the beginning of the hair follicle with the transition to the tissue surrounding it.If not quite correct chirya therapy, may occur spill inflammatory process in the tissue near the glands secreting sebaceous in the surrounding area.

boil caused by hitting the cover of the surface layer of the skin and hair follicle pathogens.Data pathogens include group coccoid microorganisms: Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus rarely white.

Boil is most often defined as a rash of inflammatory infiltrate, but it happens, and numerous education boils on the body of the patient.Generalized spread of boils called furunkuluzem.The factors of chirya characteristic role as the local immunity of the skin cover, and overall response immunity.Besides neglecting hygiene can contribute to chirya.

Boil causes

human skin is considered to be a special body.It performs the protective barrier function, so all factors are aggressive in

itial attack was his.The area of ​​the skin of an adult is about 2.5 meters.It presents several layers.The epidermis is the outer layer of the skin is considered, which consists of multiple layers of epithelial cells.The horny outer layer looks like a horny scales, and represents the first protection factor of the skin.

dermis beneath the epidermis, and is composed of connective tissue cells.The dermis appears as a base for the epidermis, so it contains a large amount of blood vessels and nerve endings.

Adipose subcutaneous tissue consists of fat cells and the function of thermoregulation of the skin and the organism as a whole.Skin protection mechanisms are to maintain a particular level of the acidic medium.Ph-level of the skin is between 3.5-7.5, which supports the ability to live a normal composition of the microflora inhabiting the surface of the skin.The microflora helps to maintain local immunity on the skin.Also in the epidermis contains specific cells, or as they are called Langerhans cells.They are also considered a kind of representatives of the protective function, producing lysozyme and interferon, which are killer for pathogens.For a pathogenic microflora, and may refer aureus.In principle, the staphylococci may be present on the surface of the skin in relation to normal until local immunity inhibits their growth.By reducing the immune response is an intensive proliferation of staphylococcus that provoke boils and other inflammatory processes in the skin surface.

worth remembering that its beginning takes to boil an inflammation of the follicle in the hair follicles and then spread to the surrounding tissues.Sometimes, inflammation may be limited only in the hair follicle, then a process of inflammation is called folliculitis.

boils are caused by Staphylococcus aureus, which is considered the most dangerous strains of staphylococci.Less boils can trigger other strains of the pathogen, but in 95% identify it Staphilococcus aur.or Staphylococcus aureus.

Provoking factors for the formation of chirya are: excessive sweating, as with constant exposure to perspiration on the skin is a breach of the structure and the protective mechanisms of the skin;microtrauma of the skin;contacting the skin with pus secreted from the nose or ears can cause the development chirya, for example, chirya lip.Also, poor hygiene of the body, for example, the occurrence of internal boils on the rear side of the neck due to strong friction and pollution of the shirt collar in the art.

addition to the above, there is the role of other factors in the development of boils.At normal immunity, the body is rarely exposed to the introduction of infectious agents.But to decreased immunity can cause chronic foci of infection (adenoids tonzilitty, pharyngitis, bronchial asthma and bronchitis, frequent recurrence of pneumonia and sinusitis);immunodeficiency (HIV, cancer);receiving such drugs as cytostatics and immunosuppressants;overheating and overcooling;irrational and malnutrition, beriberi.

hormonal disruptions in the body are represented as provocateurs of infectious processes of the skin, including boils.

development boils can occur as a complication of diabetes, especially if it takes a long time.Diabetes leads to disruption of blood flow in the capillaries, whereby the skin is not provided with sufficient nutrients and oxygen.In the skin begin to occur dystrophic processes, resulting in a decrease in the protective properties of the skin.Because of this, infectious agents penetrate easier into the skin.

Violations in the adrenal glands also lead to the development of boils.The outer layer of the adrenal steroids produced, which at its excessive secretion help reduce the immune response in the body, reduction of protective functions in the body;they also contribute to excessive sebum, accumulating on the skin and sebaceous glands gaps.Such clusters are considered to be a breeding ground for the breeding of pathogens.

In rare cases, giperandogeniya may provoke boils, because when it increases the growth of hair follicles on the skin.

Boil symptoms

boil usually takes a certain stage of development, which has its own peculiar symptoms.Initially, in the hair follicle develops a dense infiltrate of bright red color, which is accompanied by slight pain and tingling.Gradually infiltrate increases in size and becomes more intense pain in nature.Tissue surrounding it become swollen.

A few days later starts its next stage of development in which the diameter chirya can reach three centimeters.In the center of chirya formed necrotic core, which ends pustules on the surface.Moreover, he takes the shape of a cone boil, and the skin on the surface becomes a particular shine.At this stage there may be a rise in body temperature to 38 degrees, the pain can be jerks character.Also, the patient may complain of malaise and syndromes of intoxication.

Later, there is an autopsy pustules of chirya begins the evacuation of the pus, sometimes streaked with blood.Emptying chirya ends with discharge of necrotic plug.During this process, the patient notices a significant simplification: reducing the swelling of the skin, pain remission and infiltration.On-site chirya formed scar for three days.Scar after chirya can acquire a white color, but in most cases, it remains invisible.The cycle of development chirya is about 10 days.

Single boils can occur in any area of ​​the skin, except the palms and soles, because there are not present the hair follicles.Often boils develop on the forearms, neck, abdomen, buttocks, lower back and lower extremities.Intense pain accompanied by boils external auditory canal and a boil on his eye.But the development chirya on the lip, in addition to intense pain, it is very dangerous because of the risk of thrombosis, venous and lymphatic pathways to the development of vascular brain phlebitis and sepsis.

When chirya in the lymph nodes may develop lymphangitis and lymphadenitis.When it boils can be observed the development of metastases, which spread to the liver, kidneys and other internal organs.Complications boils often observed because of its extrusion incorrect topical treatment of trauma or skin when shaving.

Boil the child formed much faster, but with more severe process than in adults.Because boils the child as soon as possible need to be subjected to inspection surgeon to determine the correct tactics of treatment.If a child boils occur with great frequency, you should show it to the gastroenterologist, because pollution and population of intestinal pathogens in children may be associated with the formation of inflammatory processes on the skin.

Internal boils may have more symptoms and the formation of a larger rod with purulent contents.

Diagnostics boils seldom brings difficulties for surgeon.With the development of chirya under his arm, it is important to differentiate it from gidradenity.When chirya on the lip, it is important to determine the extent of diffuse purulent process in the surrounding tissue, because at such locales chirya possible severe complications.

boil an eye often referred to as barley.His clinic is very specific, because there is a boil on the eye in the region of the upper eyelid.When its development there is a pronounced swelling of the tissue to form infiltration, which is accompanied by severe itching, pain.In some cases, there may be a connection of conjunctivitis - inflammation of the tear duct of the eye.Boils on the eye is called "disease of dirty hands", because they often occur in carding eyes with unwashed hands.They can also develop after hypothermia or as a complication of conjunctivitis.

Boil the pope

boil can occur in any area of ​​the body, and when it appears in a part of the body that is exposed to constant friction or touch, it can lead to the suffering of the patient because of the severe pain syndrome.

Boil the pope occurs quite often.Men are more prone to such localization chirya, because of excess hair in the gluteal region.Here it should be noted that androgens play an essential role in the process of body hair skin and the men in their physiological nature have a high content of androgens in the body.

chirya The causes of the pope can be called low immunity, poor hygiene, trauma of the skin in this area of ​​the body.Diabetes also plays a significant role not only in single eruptions chirya, but also in multiple localization on the body.

increased activity of the sebaceous glands in the buttocks can also contribute to the development of inflammatory processes, including boils.

chire When the pope patient complained of severe pain.The patient can not find a comfortable position of the body during the localization chirya in this area, because any position can bring quite a lot of pain.In addition to the pain, a boil on the ass can spread into the deeper layers of the skin due to its excessive trauma.In this case, there may be internal boil on the ass, which is characterized by a deep process of soft tissue.Internal boil visually can resemble a small infiltration with mikropapuloy on its surface, and thus have an extensive inflammation in the deeper layers of the soft tissue.

general condition of the patient is also changed.Maybe join a fever, chills state, headaches.Also, these may be complicated by boils phlegmons or sepsis.Because as soon as possible is important to see a specialist when they occur.Under no circumstances should one try to open the boil on their own or with the help of relatives.It is fraught with great risk of entering a secondary infection.In the process of maturation chirya the pope is not recommended to be applied to the affected area balm Vishnevsky.The misconception that it helps to "pull" the pus.In fact, the liniment of balm Vishnevsky helps evacuation of pus from chirya only after its opening.It is not formed on the surface of a papule chirya, any prohibited compresses on the area of ​​the buttocks.After the formation of papules, can be applied to the affected area sterile gauze soaked ihtiola.These ihtiolovye cakes very well contribute to the removal of infiltration into the surrounding tissues and maturation chirya the pope.

also recommended to handle the boil on the ass with a weak solution of potassium permanganate, or take water treatments with his addition.Such procedures are needed for the treatment and prevention of reinfection of the affected area.

After opening chirya the pope and discharge necrotic core with purulent contents remained on the buttock wound cavity that must be treated with antibacterial ointments.

Ointments chire when the pope may be tetracycline group of antibiotics and complex.After treatment, the wound surface is applied compresses antibacterial ointment to be replaced every 3 hours.Such procedure should be followed as carefully as possible, and only sterile materials.In some cases, treatment chirya the pope may require hospitalization of the patient with surgical opening and the appointment of broad-spectrum antibiotics intravenously or intramuscularly.They may also appoint introduction of anti-inflammatory drugs (sodium thiosulfate) to relieve redness and swelling on the affected area.A prerequisite for treatment chirya the pope is the use of immunomodulators and physiotherapy.

boil on the face

As already known, the occurrence of boils occur in places that are covered scalp.On the face of the scalp is also present, which, in principle, the entire skin surface is a function of thermoregulation.The skin on his face is much more delicate than on the body, so it is trauma can be more frequent.

emergence of boils can be in any area of ​​the face.There may be boils on the lip, nose, an eye, chin, etc.
Causes of Facial chirya are: contamination of the skin, reduction of local and general immunity, trauma of the skin (shaving, combing and so forth.), Hypovitaminosis, diabetes, occurrence of acne, blood disorders, sinusitis, sinusitis, otitis media.

addition to the causes of the formation of chirya on the face, you should know that this localization chirya can lead to very serious complications as meningitis and meningoencephalitis, sepsis, in extreme cases, death of the patient.Therefore, under no circumstances should one try to open a boil on the face of their own.

With the introduction of the pathogen into the follicle of hair on the face, developing small size sickly seal.After several days, the seal starts to grow in size, but on the skin surface, it can be represented as a small pimple that the patient may be misleading.Thus, the patient can attempt to open the boil, thus exacerbating its course.

With further development chirya Facial occurs filling cavities chirya purulent content with the formation of rod necrotic nature.The skin around chirya inflamed, leading to intense pain syndrome pulsating character.After some days the boil can reveal yourself to the release of large amounts of pus and discharge of necrotic rod.The patient in the process of opening chirya feels significant improvement.

chirya If you have to face should refer to oral and maxillofacial surgery.He can choose the right tactics treatment and define the scope and size of the lesion.Opening chirya is produced by surgery, followed by drainage of the wound cavity and applying compresses with antiseptic drugs.In complicated cases may require systemic broad-spectrum antibiotics.Typically, these take antibiotics inside (ciprofloxacin, azithromycin, doxycycline, Vilprafen, Klatsid etc.) At least 5 days.These give a good anti-bacterial effect.Also, a good effect in the treatment of facial chirya give compresses ichthyol liminentom ointment and balm for Wisniewski.

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