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conjunctival photo conjunctival skin - is caused by the sebaceous glands hyposecretion abnormal dryness of the skin, are usually enough to cause severe itching and sometimes some infectious skin diseases.In some cases, xerosis called the initial stage of development of ichthyosis, but often increased dryness of the skin is a sign of certain skin diseases and symptom of the negative impact of various external factors on the skin (typical for people with fair skin).

conjunctival has the following characteristic features: the roughness and dryness of the skin, peeling, inelastic affected areas that are prone to cracking.Visually, the skin looks rough, often covered with red spots, pores are practically invisible.Often accompanied by a conjunctival manifestation of how unpleasant itching.In this case, the reason for the observed high itching are chemical substances, viruses, bacteria, which can easily penetrate into the inner layers of the skin damaged through the epidermis.In most cases, the locali

zation of xerosis is observed in areas of tension and / or friction fingers, knees, elbows.

conjunctival skin causes

conjunctival is a basic symptomatic manifestation of most dermatological diseases: observed in almost all patients with a diagnosis of atopic dermatitis;congenital skin dryness observed in patients with seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, irritant hand eczema, keratosis pilaris, ichthyosis and so forth.

addition catalyst for the development of xerosis may make the wrong care of the skin, the effect of various chemical agents, due to their frequent use (low-quality gelshower, soap, dishwashing detergent, etc.).Often lead to the development of xerosis different environmental features: a strong wind, humidity and temperature.

addition to the development of xerosis can cause following predisposing factors and symptoms:

- Prolonged use of the system and external glucocorticoid drugs

- Diseases of various systems and organs: chronic renal failure, cirrhosis, hepatitis, hypovitaminosis, hematological and oncological diseases,intestinal malabsorption, hypothyroidism and others.

- Eating disorders and sleep, jetlag

- Various aggressive irritating environmental factors (aeropollyutanty, tobacco smoke, etc.)

leading mechanism of xerosis is a decrease due to the insolvency of the lipids of the stratum corneumbarrier function of the epidermis, which leads to an increased transepidermal water loss.

conjunctival skin symptoms

In its leak, the disease is divided into stages, characterized by morphological and functional changes.

first phase is characterized by the occurrence of skin xerosis functional disorders related directly to the protective properties of the skin.Observed feelings of tightness, dryness, and they are not painful and permanent, easily enough offset by applying a moisturizer.In most cases there is a feeling of tightness in facial movements, and the texture of intact skin, expressed no wrinkling.In some cases, there may be itching and increased sensitivity in the form of a response to aggressive external influences (wind, salt water, etc.).Significant morphological changes are absent.

xerosis second phase is characterized by the development of hyperkeratosis on the background of exfoliation.At this stage, the feeling of tightness and dryness becomes a permanent and is not related to the activity of mimic.These symptoms have completely disappeared, even after the application of mitigation and moisturizers.On the skin begins to form small superficial wrinkles become visible melkoplastinchatoe peeling.Develops increased sensitivity of the skin to the previously non-aggressive harmless factors (conditioned air, water and so forth.), Are beginning to emerge periodically redness and itching of the skin.Increased sensitivity of the skin is directly related to the partial loss of the barrier properties.Picture morphological changes reflects hyperkeratosis, violating the integrity of the stratum corneum thinning Malpighian layer.

The third stage is characterized by xerosis malnutrition derma peeling skin becomes pityriasis (krupnoplastinchatym).Wrinkly even more deepened, notably in areas of permanent facial activity (over the bridge of the nose, around the eyes, etc.).The deformation of the skin relief already affects the dermal layer.Dryness has not compensated moisturizer.The skin looks taut, becomes inelastic, hard, rough to the touch, very easy to crack, followed by education at these places bran flakes.There is a heightened sensitivity itchy, inflammatory reactions and diffuse erythema.Picture morphological changes include decreased blood flow papillary dermis, thinning of the dermis and epidermis, the stratum corneum cracks, hyperkeratosis.

fourth stage flow xerosis characterized by atrophy of the epidermis and dermis.There are marked trophic changes of the skin, sometimes to the formation of trophic ulcers.Histological and clinical picture similar to those that occur in the process of natural aging.

conjunctival skin in children in their symptoms and causes of development is no different from that of adults.

conjunctival treatment

xerosis Skin Treatment depends on its cause and is primarily aimed at their elimination.Because the conjunctival - a system process, it should adhere to the following general recommendations: reception rich in fruits and vegetables balanced diet, sufficient drinking regime, cessation of alcohol intake, smoking cessation, excluding long-term presence in the sun, use of special emollients hygiene, regularphysical exercise.

addition to complying with the above general recommendations which are relevant in almost all skin diseases which are accompanied by xerosis, decisive importance is conducting external therapy.However, you should keep one crucial condition - all the softening and moisturizing agents, applied to dry skin, its composition should be similar to physiological lipids healthy skin.

addition moisturizing emollient remedies must fully meet the following criteria: hypoallergenic, excellent tolerability, high security, respectively age group.Efficacy hydrating emollients depends on skin pH and dosages.The special significance of the use of mitigation of moisturizers in the combined use with anti-inflammatory (local) agents assigned at xerosis Is on the background of atopic dermatitis.This comprehensive treatment significantly reduces xerosis all symptomatic manifestations of the disease.It is also a common treatment is more effective monotherapy anti-inflammatory drugs.

Each medication is chosen individually by a dermatologist, so to avoid self-medication, the names of drugs, we do not give, but the following will describe the basic rules of care for problem skin, asattributed to anti-inflammatory drug should be applied only after certain procedures.

Terms care atopic skin cover:

- Daily thorough cleansing of the skin with a special cream through taking a shower (without soap)

- Immediately after getting wet skin after showering, should be applied to the designated physician, depending on the current state of the skin, moisturizingmeans.For the purpose of skin moisturizing facial moisturizing cream is usually used.Humidification areas folds and extremities by means of a lipid-rich ointments.When atopic dermatitis in the acute phase of the emulsion is applied and / or cream, and lipid-enriched ointment in remission

conjunctival prophylaxis

for successful treatment and prevention of relapse xerosis is necessary to observe a number of preventive measures.All people, who occasionally shows signs of dry skin, you should adhere to the following rules:

- quality sleep.Healthy and restful sleep perfectly promotes cell regeneration of the skin

- Compliance with sufficient water regime.To keep skin moisturized and maintain water balance in the daily need to drink at least two liters of water

- An active lifestyle and sports.Superficial massage and moderate exercise significantly improve blood circulation, so that the cells of the skin are saturated with nutrients and oxygen

- Refusal of drinking and smoking

- Exception extreme changes in temperature, hypothermia or overheating

- A diet with a decrease in consumption orcomplete exclusion of caffeinated foods, sugars, fried foods.In this contrast, the increase in consumption of fruits, vegetables, nuts.

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