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Nictitating spasm


nictitating spasm Blepharospasm - symmetric spastic contraction of circular muscles of the eyes.There are tonic and clonic blepharospasm.

B. tonic - a spasm of the circular muscles of the eyes, accompanied by persistent zazhmurivaniem, the duration of which may be a few hours or a few weeks;and is divided into essential and reflexology.

Essential B. tonic in most cases occurs in women and is often caused by hysteria , traumatic neurosis, and so forth.

tonic reflex B. arises as a consequence of prolonged irritation to the receptors of the trigeminal nerve at various ophthalmic diseases,diseases of the nasopharynx, paranasal sinuses or teeth.

clonic B. manifested tick faster by closing the eyelids, palpitations involuntary blinking or delayed opening and by closing the eyelids.This type of blepharospasm may be part of generalized epilepsy hyperkinetic at Kozhevnikova, small chorea, Tourette's syndrome, tetanus, or diseases of the extrapyramidal system.

People younger B. can appear and disa

ppear quite suddenly, without apparent reason and have a favorable course.But in old age has a BA progressive course with short-term minor improvements.

The disease may be accompanied by a violation of lacrimation, maceration and edema of the eyelids, which is an additional factor that enhance the irritating effect on the branch of the trigeminal nerve.

When symptoms indicative of the disease, should consult a neurologist and an ophthalmologist, who will appoint the necessary diagnosis: study of the pulse rate of the fibers of the facial nerve, muscle or facial electromyography study of the blink reflex.

Treatment is aimed at eliminating the causes of irritation of the facial nerve.When clonic or tonic B. essential treatment is carried psychiatrist or neurologist, and in reflex blepharospasm - dentist or optometrist.Showing to the use of psychotropic, sedatives and drugs corrects microcirculation and metabolism in the central nervous system.Also used psychotherapy, reflexology, and auditory training.

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