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Masi in pregnancy

Ointment during pregnancy

ointment during pregnancy photos With the onset of pregnancy is not recommended future mums to get involved ointments.They can greatly harm the baby.But there is a list of medicines, it is quite possible that you will appoint your gynecologist or therapist, leading you.Be aware of the dangers of self-medication. This is especially important at the beginning of an interesting situation in the first weeks when there is a formation of the body and laying of children's organs.Yes, and a gentle female body becomes very vulnerable and sensitive to various ointments during pregnancy, it may be the failure of ointments because of smells or allergies.

Pending child female body becomes sensitive to a variety of viral infections, which are transmitted by airborne droplets

Oxolinic ointment during pregnancy

talk about oxolinic ointment.This drug is widely advertised.Is it harmless?Let's face it.The structure includes oxoline chemical overwhelming livelihoods and kills viruses, located in the nasal mucosa.

At the same time part of oxoline into the blood and affects the body.Precise data on the effect of pregnancy on the body oxoline not, but remember that a woman's body during this time is different and unpredictable.And yet, oxolinic ointment was allowed during pregnancy.It is good for colds manifestations, for the prevention of influenza.The ointment is easy to use: it is necessary to put a little medicine on the nasal mucosa.Similarly, oxolinic ointment is effective for dermatitis, viral diseases of the skin, herpes, warts

Sulfuric ointment during pregnancy

ointment relatively safe in pregnancy and for nursing mothers considered sulfuric ointment.This ointment during pregnancy is recommended in diseases such as scabies, seborrheic dermatitis, acne, rosacea.

Sulfuric ointment during pregnancy has increased antibacterial properties, cleans clogged pores, prevents the growth of bacteria on the skin and dries it efficiently, while improving the skin's appearance.Side impact when using this drug pretty small, but we will not exclude even one percent, so a consultation with leading you to a doctor is needed

Acyclovir Pregnancy

widely is applicable, during pregnancy such ointment as acyclovir, but is assigned to it during the most acutenecessary.It is effective in primary herpes infections.The herpes virus is able to occur early in pregnancy in women because immunity decreases.It crosses the placenta begins to multiply and affects fetal tissue.It can serve as a birth of a child with a pathology, and congenital malformation.

Acyclovir is recommended to be applied to the damaged skin several times a day.But in late pregnancy this medication is not recommended.Similarly, it should not be used during breastfeeding.But other ointment during pregnancy are allowed at any stage, for example Viferon

Viferon pregnancy

This ointment is safe and to avoid adverse effects on the fetus for nine months.Viferon during pregnancy has anti-viral and anti-Chlamydia effect.This drug helps to cope with diseases such as herpes, rubella and cytomegalovirus.The drug is applied up to four times a day, a very thin layer, being careful not to damage the bubbles rash, lasting one week.Sometimes a rash, but it will disappear after cessation of treatment

Nystatin in pregnancy

In exceptional cases, appoint nystatin to treat thrush.

Thrush and pregnancy - it is very unpleasant to the feelings of the future mom.Thrush causes intolerable itching, which is difficult to get rid of.Doctors recommend to apply a thin layer of medicine on the problem areas of skin up to two times every day, but the Council also refrain from the use of up to three months

Ointments for hemorrhoids during pregnancy

When an intimate problem - hemorrhoids during pregnancy, you should usedrugs, which include sea buckthorn oil.These ointments are harmless.Effective in the treatment of hemorrhoids and drugs such as Gepatrombin F, proctitis-Glivenol, Proctosedyl, Posterisan.

Remember that all of the above products should be applied after the appointment of a doctor and stay healthy all your interesting position

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