Pregnancy and childbirth

Aching lower back during pregnancy

Aching lower back during pregnancy

lower back pain during pregnancy photos If you are in an interesting position, and you have a sore lower back during pregnancy - it is said that in this period of a woman's body works in an elevated mode for two, so it is likelyand it is possible that due to these loads, you will get sick of spin.Fetal growth changes the center of gravity of future moms, hence the pain during pregnancy.From the statistics it is known that lower back pain in 50% of pregnant women, and in the postpartum period is up to 70% have given birth.Painful discomfort in the back during pregnancy is quite common, which often are not considered by doctors as a pathology and recommended future mums to continue treatment back after the birth of the baby.Only in some cases, and hands ache in the back of a very serious and harsh because

Aching lower back in pregnancy - Causes

Back pain and lower back if the sign of pregnancy?On the reasons why bother loin already clear for a longer period, and that's why pain occur in the fi

rst period of interest situation, it seems difficult to explain.

A of discomfort in the back, women suffer often enough and most people think that it is a sign of pregnancy.Indeed, the sense of low back pain in the first few weeks of pregnancy are, and how they arise again because of its offensive.

In the first week there is a rapid increase in the size of the uterus and, in turn, uterine ligaments begin to stretch and subjected to transformation.The woman has the feeling that the back sipping.

causes of pain during pregnancy also act stationary femoral-sacral joints that loosen due to hormone relaxin that the child could easily overcome the birth canal.And with the growth of stomach harder to keep your balance.In compensation for this woman automatically assigns shoulders back, bends his neck bulging belly, and this complicates the situation, and a pregnant woman as a result of strongly curved spine, and wildly sore lower back during pregnancy.

Another cause of the disease state stands waist problem with the musculoskeletal system: the curvature of the spine, the weak development of muscles, low back pain, herniated lumbar disc or sciatica.

Other reasons when sore lower back during pregnancy is pancreatitis, pyelonephritis, urolithiasis.In these diagnoses, treatment just need mom.

appearance of acute painful symptoms in the lower back during pregnancy begins somewhere in the second trimester, but possibly before the appearance of pain in the wrong way of life for future moms.

Closer to leave increasingly lower back pain during pregnancy, so the eighth month of the pain may worsen.This is because the baby's head presses on your lower back.

in the last week of pregnancy lower back pain every day.And only a few lucky women who painless dohazhivayut entire period.When approaching a woman giving birth feel the tension of the abdominal wall and establishment of its more solid to the touch.This phenomenon is most often manifested in physical effort, and during orgasm, sadness or anger.But if the tummy becomes again painless soft, there is no need to worry about the future mom.

Aching lower back during pregnancy and the critical state, when the uterus is shortened, and the cervix opens.

pain may give up and this is especially enhanced after exercise, prolonged standing, long walk, sitting in an uncomfortable position

Treatment of lumbar pregnancy

If you have any unpleasant acute low back pain during pregnancy is an urgent needlie down to rest and call an ambulance.Do not tighten it.The temperature, the appearance of pain during urination, general malaise are danger signals.

cope with painful sensations in the back really with a special diet, rich in calcium.Be sure to be included dairy products, fish, nuts, meat and greens.At constant pain take carbonate and calcium lactate.If possible, take care and reduce the strain on your back.It is important to remember that the severity of rising from the floor must be squat and stretch the muscles of the legs and arms, but not the back.When sitting lean back in his chair, sits down gently and slowly.To select the sleep mattress, the quality of semi-rigid and flexible.Notice the pillow, its size should be medium.Shoes select a comfortable and stable heel.Do not forget the exercise, which is required to strengthen the muscles of the back, abdomen, thighs and buttocks.This will help aqua aerobics, aerobics, swimming.But diseases such as sciatica or herniated, recommended bed rest, brace, physiotherapy, pain with a doctor's permission.And with pancreatitis pain relieving warmth in the lumbar region.

Remember that pregnancy should be painless, but this is the norm, and in other obscure states to urgently contact your treating physicians.It will save you and your baby!

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