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Poor pregnancy

Poor pregnancy

bad during pregnancy photos Pregnancy - is an indescribable joy for every woman to exercise their main purpose in life - to become a mother, but every pregnancy, even a well-flowing, can occasionally overshadow the bad times, painful condition, ill health, discomfort, loss of strength, depression, or depression.

Poor pregnancy may be at the beginning, and at any stage of the flow, but the most quiet is considered the second trimester of pregnancy.

Let us see your poor health and why is bad during pregnancy?If you just woke up and feel strongly nauseated, vomiting, right up to irritate and provoke smells a gag reflex, so you have an early morning sickness.

The main signs of early toxicity include: nausea, vomiting, depression, salivation, poor health, increased sleepiness (hypotension), weight loss, poor stool, lack of appetite, a metallic taste in the mouth.

Poor pregnancy begins at the individual sensitive women from the third week, and mostly on the fifth or sixth week.It's a shame for women when m

en do not penetrate, when a woman is bad during pregnancy and cite that bad to be closer to the birth and do not have knowledge in the field of gynecology during the hormonal changes a woman.If men were more attentive, more competent in this area, the women would be much easier to bear bad pregnancy.In the earliest period of pregnancy, a woman, more than ever needs emotional support, affection, caring, pleasant moments, stroking belly, light massage, suspension of home affairs, food.Expectant mother must come to terms with the idea that her life pleasant change happen and do not reduce everything to the ordinary gray weekdays, or the expectant mother will project the situation in the future life, and your indifference now - this is a good indicator of what will happen next.Too many women do not stand up the first trimester because of that bad all the time during pregnancy and lack of emotional support at home, and as a consequence make medical abortion.

toxicosis (gestosis) at the third stage of pregnancy is no less dangerous.If preeclampsia and it bothers you very badly in pregnancy, that without medical care is necessary.Remember that in the later stages it poses a risk to the baby.

norm serves no toxicity and if you are, then you are that rare lucky, where you can truly enviable.

And what to do in the early stages of pregnancy, when it is very bad during pregnancy?

Use these tips:

- wake up, do not rush to get up, lie down, think about your baby, stroke it;

- listen to soft music, meditation for pregnant women;

- Listen to your body, what you want now, give yourself this;

- take the weekend at work, treat yourself, but lack of homework;

- listen to your gastronomic desires, but not in a hurry, especially in the morning quickly absorb food;

- food should be easy, with no fat, remember that the gag reflex in your position impetuous;

- find a product that will help you cope with nausea (for some it seeds, apples, candy, sweet tea, mineral water - everyone has his own).

If you vomit (preeclampsia) does not stop more than 3 times a day and you really bad, then you need to go to hospital for examination.There is nothing wrong, but the state will result in your rate and you will slowly gain weight.

entire waiting period of the child to live and still feel always great - it is unreal, but you can adjust the feel and control it, and the mood is real.Feeling bad when during pregnancy, experiencing every expectant mom.Remember this, which means you will cope with their difficulties and adequately transfer all the difficulties.Try to disengage and remove from your life tension for any reason, once and for all forget about negative emotions, only the joy of the upcoming birth of your baby.

addition toxicosis pregnant women worried side of pregnancy, lower back pain during pregnancy aches and unpleasant sore abdomen during pregnancy, constipation, hemorrhoids, indigestion.

Poor sleep during pregnancy often also concerned about pregnant women.Resort to such recommendations: walks in the park, near bodies of water, do not eat a lot at night with heartburn go to sleep on a pillow higher, so that the stomach contents did not follow, do not look for a long time the TV, listen to music for relaxation - meditation for pregnant women, skip past the negativeinformation, go to bed with bright ideas, and surround yourself with only beautiful.

Pregnancy and depression often go together, so a bad mood during pregnancy raise shopping: buy a new things, dishes, home decor update, Bring brightness, always flowers.Without nature and can not do: go to the zoo, to the reservoir, in kindergarten last - good kids cheer up during pregnancy.Soon you will be so happy toddler!I wish you health and patience in the difficult pregnancy!

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