Pregnancy and childbirth

Stretch marks during pregnancy

Stretch marks during pregnancy

stretch marks during pregnancy photos Stretch marks during pregnancy to avoid future mom is very difficult.What is it like they are?This purplish-red welts that appear when the skin is stretched.Main place of their concentration in the area of ​​the abdomen, where it is very elastic skin.Time of occurrence of the third trimester of pregnancy, and later, when the fetus is gaining weight each week and stretches the stomach.

causing trouble and stretching the chest future mom during pregnancy.Later, during lactation, breast stretch marks appear above the swollen breasts.In addition to these stretching during pregnancy appear on the outer and inner sides of the buttocks and thighs.

The percentage of somewhere 70 and 90% of women waiting for babies during pregnancy, stretch marks appear just above the stomach.In 90% of stretch marks during pregnancy occur in all parts of the body due to the excess weight gained during pregnancy.Women with fair skin stretch marks during pregnancy have a pinkish hue, whi

le the owners of dark skin lighter in comparison with the rest of the skin.But somehow, a woman worried about the appearance only after the birth of the baby.And to avoid such troubles should not sort out the weight and watch how the skin stretches.There is a direct link between the typed weight and stretch marks during pregnancy.The more weight a woman attains, the greater the likelihood of scarring.Some women gain weight very rapidly and thus provoke stretching during pregnancy.Picture ugly - the skin starts to tear.Initially, it is observed in the form of pink scars, then they become silvery-white.

avoid unwanted red manifestations women expect twins, triplets, or just big babies is very difficult, it is simply unrealistic.The abdomen is stretched to a larger size to host a large fruit.

high probability of occurrence if they previously were with you, for example, during the first pregnancy, when you score more put weight.Pregnant women with the appearance of stretch marks should just take care of yourself and inform your gynecologist.There is a risk in the future rupture of the vagina.The reason is the insufficient amount of protein in the dermal matrix.

itself on the skin of a pregnant belly elastic, and under it already concentrated fat.If rapid weight loss in mothers and sagging skin dramatically and shows scars.And at this time most women are very concerned about their appearance.Do not worry.With proper diet and simple compliance exercise these scars go away and the body takes its original shape.Fabrics slowly recovering and a year later, when the birth of the child behind, stretch marks become lighter or disappear entirely

prevent stretch marks during pregnancy

To prevent unwanted stretch marks, consult a dermatologist or a surgeon who will advise you with the most effective methods of treatment.

Remember, there are medicines which contain steroids, hormones, provoking stretching during pregnancy, and if you accept them, you will certainly tell your doctor.A specialist doctor will analyze the situation and select appropriate treatment.There are two ways of treatment: surgical technique and natural (cream, lotion).

Dermabrasion or different skin resurfacing is a surgical method of removing the epidermis and dermis scraping.Next generation collagen renewal and re-epithelialization has a great impact on the grown old skin from stretch marks during pregnancy.Before the whole post-operative tactics are very well established and predictable, and all the complications are very rare.

If you apply a micro-dermabrasion, which is a refreshing skin crystals, it would be a quick procedure for healing thinning of the epidermis and stretching during pregnancy will be less noticeable.

There are ways to treat laser surgery.This procedure is very effective in the early stages.Dermatologists use a pulsed dye laser, it does stretch slightly noticeable.

But modern laser technology can afford to get rid of the old light stretch marks during pregnancy.To do this, go through several courses of treatment.There is one thing - a slight pain.The effectiveness of this treatment depends directly on chronological age, diet, color.

can also use lotions and creams in case of stretch marks during pregnancy.There is a great variety of non-prescription sold effective means of stretching.

How effective are creams, gels, lotions for stretch marks during pregnancy: Green Mama, BELLA Mama, Mustela.These products are well received in the forums of the mothers.Similarly, they are also good prevention.

Initially, while stretching during pregnancy are weak in their coat color, you must have applied to the skin a small layer of moisturizing cream or gel.No bones about it.And soft gentle movements massage the place of damage every day.Effective when a first redness olive oil.You can float the petroleum jelly;cream, enriched with vitamin E;Coconut oil.

But the best guarantee before treatment, consult your doctor.It is possible that some kind of cream is not suitable for you personally of our suggested.

All of these methods of treatment to help remove stretch marks during pregnancy and is directly dependent on the characteristics of the structure of your skin, as well as damage.If you have previously been sensitive to chemicals, you effectively use the natural remedies

prevention of stretch marks during pregnancy

effectively prevent and forget about them all you can, keeping these tips: wear a supportive bra for breast;use a cream containing retinol (vitamin A) - their reliability is questionable;follow proper diet and avoid fatty foods;Include in the diet of protein foods (eggs), rich in zinc (nuts, fish), rich in vitamins A, D, C (carrots, milk, citrus fruits);Follow feasible exercise and drink enough water;Limit the use of caffeine, tea;moisturizers for the body only temporarily help ensure skin moisture, but because these creams are not effective;purchase of cream, which has a biological pathogens (glycosaminoglycans) renews the skin.

Enjoy your pregnancy while think only about the good, concentrate your thoughts, that the weight was gathering slowly (resort to meditation.) Note that this extends the period of the most beautiful in your life

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