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Back pain during pregnancy

back pain during pregnancy

back pain during pregnancy photos Often expectant moms back pain during pregnancy and every woman has the information to provide assistance itself.Often occur in pregnant women questions: what to do with back pain?It is important to know that minor pains in the back are the natural processes and therefore these sensations are explained by physiological factors in the body of the future mother and fetal growth

causes of back pain during pregnancy

often back pain during pregnancythe onset of the second half of the period of gestation of the child.Doctors explain it simply: set weight baby, the uterus, and the center of gravity of the woman shifted, causing unpleasant pain in the muscles of the back.Causes of back pain during pregnancy, another plan might have been caused by other things, a consequence of a serious illness.Such diseases are neurological: herniated discs, sciatica, pinched, and nerve inflammation that occurs between the shoulder blades in a pregnant woman because of careless movem

ent, as well as lifting weights or hypothermia.Next kidney disease (chronic or acquired during pregnancy), the lack of calcium in the body of the future mother during pregnancy, pancreatitis.

First of all, at risk include pregnant women with problems of the musculoskeletal system.

Under what circumstances should immediately consult a doctor?If the duration of back pain during pregnancy, then you should not delay in any way.Danger threatens your kid, so to urgently contact your doctor if you are not passing a very strong pain, as well as the previously received a back injury picked up and the temperature in the body.Be careful if there is a weakness in the legs, the sensitivity is lost, there is numbness.Listen to your body - if you have bladder problems, there is painful urination, and urinary opposite.

How pregnant react when back pain during pregnancy?

In the absence of serious diseases in the future mother not to worry much if minor pain.All these unpleasant feelings will go away after the baby is born, but still help you yourself can.Keep correct posture, sit or stand straight, keep arms outstretched, do not strain the back muscles after a long walk for the rest put one foot on the hill, and after a long sitting on the bench put a foot or a small hill.Seating prefer armchairs and chairs, comfortable fit, and a back pick up a small comfortable pillow.Wear comfortable shoes with a small heel.Get bandage corset.Do not touch heavy.Learn to lift objects: due to the leg muscles and keeping the back at the same time exactly.

During sleep, take the correct position.For every woman there is a favorite comfortable position to sleep, but it should be remembered that a pregnant sleep on your back is not desirable.Recommended posture lying on your side, a pillow between your knees and bending one knee, laid it on the pillow.Do not forget about the regular training of the back muscles, here we assign a physical activity that will help make your back stronger.If possible, walk more, go swimming, do some yoga.Most importantly, these actions did not cause discomfort and you forget what it's like when the back pain during pregnancy.Your task is to get plenty of rest and activity change long pauses.But it is not necessary to convert all the rest in lying down on the couch if you are suffering from back pain, or stamina will weaken, and the load will seem unbearable.Resort to the help of massage that will relax you, and in the future will help to cope with the birth pangs.

All these recommendations will help to manage and quick to help when the back ache during pregnancy.If the back pain during pregnancy for a long time, in this case, a doctor can not linger.Women, who for the whole period of pregnancy did not hurt - units.Let's sum up why back pain during pregnancy?

serves several reasons:

- offset by a tummy center of gravity, increasing the weight of the uterus with the amniotic fluid, and the growth of the baby, muscle tension workaholic vertical gait;

- not fitness of the back muscles;

- pinched nerve, low back pain or sciatica;

- hypothermia, sudden movements, lifting weights;

- kidney disease;

- pressure on the diaphragm;

- calcium deficiency

back pain during pregnancy lasting, what to do?

main thing to remember that every expectant mom is faced with back pain, it is important to understand the causes and help yourself, listen to your body.Therefore, when an obscure symptoms consult a podiatrist, who will conduct a comprehensive assessment and will identify the causes of pain.If you want to nominate a woman treatment, including massage and physiotherapy.In more extreme cases, appoint authorized ointment during pregnancy, drugs - analgesics, the reception of which is carried out strictly on prescription

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